Cake in a cup christmas gifts

Cake in a cup christmas gifts

This mug's for you! These single serving Holiday Mug Cakes make great teacher gifts, hostess gifts, neighbor gifts, hairdresser gifts, babysitter. A simple microwave mug cake mix with a personalised mug that to make the mug cake makes the perfect homemade gift for Christmas. Mug Cake Gift Sets: I am in love with coffee mugs! Okay, not as much as I am in love with my hubby. I love handmade mugs, ones with eye catching designs or.

25 Printables and Recipes for the Perfect Mug Cake Gift

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DIY~Cake In A Mug Gift Packets For Christmas Craft Fairs! Cute & Inexpensive!


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  • They are low cost, great for all year round, quick, easy and...
  • This mug's for you! These single serving Holiday Mug Cakes make great teacher gifts, hostess gifts, neighbor gifts, hairdresser gifts,...
  • Homemade Gift - Chocolate Mug Cake Mix - Cooking for Busy Mums
  • The possibilities for the duration of accidents at the Halloween...

  • A simple microwave mug cake mix with a personalised mug that to make the mug...
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Cake in a cup christmas gifts

You are so sweet, thank you Amy! See our privacy policy for more information. Tie recipe tag to your gift. Thank you for the inspiration. Follow me on Instagram!

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  1. I love making homemade gifts and sometimes, as much as I hate too, I have to do it on the cheap.

  2. These single serving Holiday Mug Cakes make great teacher gifts, hostess gifts, neighbor gifts, hairdresser gifts, babysitter gifts, office colleague gifts—anyone you want to express your appreciation to this Holiday season or throughout the year.

  3. Often the most meaningful gifts are ones your children help create, like this Christmas Mug Teacher Gift.

  4. A simple microwave mug cake mix with a personalised mug that includes the directions to make the mug cake.

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3 DIY Holiday Mug Cake Gifts with Printable Recipe Tags

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