Christmas survival kit gifts

Christmas survival kit gifts

The first Christmas survival package goes to your sister who is home from school A survival kit is also a perfect gift to give the whole family. A few Holiday Survival Kit Gift Basket addition ideas: Calorie Counter Book: to help remind you of all those calories to avoid. Christmas cd: music to listen to. Looking for fun, easy-to-make gifts? A Christmas survival kit is the way to go. Sweet, funny, and you can put one together in a jiffy.

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: Christmas survival kit gifts

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Christmas survival kit gifts

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Christmas survival kit gifts -

Chamomile Tea - to help calm your nerves. I love the tags! Panadol - to take away the headache of overindulging in festive beverages. Safe travels everyone and wishing you all a week of sane and joyful fun — but just in case there is always chocolate!

Leave me a comment in the box below. Snickers bar - to remind you to take time to laugh. Smarties - to boost your brainpower when you're feeling dull.

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Pocket date book - to track all of your "must do's". Paperclip - to help you keep it all together. Ibuprofen - to recover from the drama that friends and family create during the holidays.

Fizzy Bath Bombs - to relaaax at the end of Christmas survival kit gifts day. The first Christmas survival package goes to your sister who is home from school and so excited to see you:

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Christmas survival kit gifts

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"Happy Holidays" Christmas Survival Kit

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