Diy christmas gifts for friends using 2 candy canes

Diy christmas gifts for friends using 2 candy canes

Creative Candy Cane Recipes and DIY Ideas. By These Christmas recipes use candy canes to add a seasonal twist to Continue to 2 of 12 below. when used to stir coffee or hot cocoa, and make a great holiday gift. So try these easy DIY decor ideas using the peppermint treats to deck your 25 Candy Cane Crafts That Make Gorgeous Christmas Decorations 2 of image . Frosting and Smile. Candy Cane Garland . candy canes and peppermints to make cute reindeers that'll taste as sweet as they look. Candy sleigh - cute simple gift DIY Christmas candy sleighs CANDY SLEIGHS: Kit Kat bar, 2 candy canes, 10 Hershey bars (stacked ribbon & a bow on top!.

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Diy christmas gifts for friends using 2 candy canes -

Candy Cane Cheesecake Dip Recipe: You can go traditional with red and white candies, or spice things up with rainbow-colored candy canes.

A quick dip in crushed candy canes makes these cozy treats even more festive. I tried using a fork to press them together when they first came out of the oven, because I was worried about burning my fingers, but the fork just pushed right into the candy cane, and when I pulled it out, it brought tiny melted strings along with it. Any chance you can do this in an electric skillet?

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Diy christmas gifts for friends using 2 candy canes

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Diy christmas gifts for friends using 2 candy canes

Diy christmas gifts for friends using 2 candy canes -

First Name E-Mail Address. Your email address will not be published. Any chance you can do this in an electric skillet? Finish with coloured sprinkles. Try the silicone cookie sheets or silicone sheets.

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  1. Of course, you can use this peppermint inspiration everywhere in your home, from cooking to decor — candy cane cups and votive holders will have your pad looking festive in no time.

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