Free gift christmas tract

Free gift christmas tract

A great Christmas tract that has nothing on the front or back that is obviously " religious." Six free gift ideas for the holidays with the greatest gift being eternal life. (Pack of 50) ** This tract is printed on a light-weight card and is the size and shape of a checkbook holder. It has two slots for you to put in money -- any size bill. Another great Christmas tract! Christmas is a time of giving because it is the season where we remember that God gave us His only Son, Jesus Christ. This tract.

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: Free gift christmas tract

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  • (Pack of 50) ** This tract is printed on a light-weight card and...
  • A great Christmas tract that has nothing on the front or back that is obviously " religious." Six...
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Jesus said, "Whoever looks upon a woman to lust after her has committed adultery with her already in his heart. Let's look at the Ten Commandments and see if you are. Tract Tip 3 When leaving a tract with a tip, be sure that the tip is generous, as a reflection of God's generous gift of salvation Free gift christmas tract us! Right now, wherever you are, you can receive the Free gift christmas tract gift, Jesus Christ the Savior.

There are four reasons: The Bible tells us not to have anything to do with witches, wizards or psychics.

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The free gift of Eternal Life

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