Weirdest xmas gifts for couples

Weirdest xmas gifts for couples

We all love unusual gifts and it's a brilliant feeling when you unwrap the box and it turns out to be something quirky, weird and wonderful! Why not treat someone. Who wants a flame thrower? What about a Vladimir Putin scratching pole for your cat?. That's what happened to me this year, so I'm passing along the fun. Here's the top 10 weirdest Christmas gifts I found on the internet this year.

Weird and Wacky Presents and Gift Ideas

Weirdest xmas gifts for couples

Weirdest Christmas Gifts for 2019

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DIY Weird Christmas Presents You NEED To Try!

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Weirdest xmas gifts for couples -

It's not being vague to say that these alternative candy canes taste just as good as they sound ick! Certainly, there are crappier gifts to get. Crochet Gift Card Holders Gift cards tend to be a bit impersonal, but you can add that bit of TLC when you crochet them these gift card holders. This photo print is customizable with your choice of names, and is the perfect gift for newlyweds or anyone else that is celebrating their love.

Lots of our unusual gifts are great for kids, or families. Crochet Gift Card Holders.




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