No Christmas Gifts This Year

This year my husband and I did not exchange gifts at least not tangible ones. Our initial decision was not to out of my desire to save money since I had not returned to work yet and because we also wanted to focus on the children. Christmas day as he finished getting dressed, my husband said having children is what really makes Christmas so fun.

Start a New Tradition

Hilchos Laws of Xmas The holiday season is all over but for the sales, and as it passes, so does that familiar and unsubtle prickle of alienation. For better or worse, our sense of humor has begun to set in again. Have you ever wondered what Xmas would be like it if were a Jewish Holiday? Akiva and Ilene Miller have, and thanks to their efforts, we are able to share the responsum of renowned Halachic authority the Kringler Rav on precisely that subject.