How to wrap christmas gifts like a pro

How to wrap christmas gifts like a pro

I want to wrap my child's presents with something a bit different this year. The easiest way to tackle awkward gifts like say a pencil case or a. If you, like so many others, like to grab a gift bag and tissue paper and call it a day when wrapping your gifts, then Christmas is a particular. Wrap your Christmas gifts just like a professional thanks to this easy step-by-step guide with tips from Macy's gift-wrapping expert Belle Wesel.

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How to wrap christmas gifts like a pro -

We won't spoil the trick, but trust us when we say it's easier than we ever expected. W ell now we can, by copying the technique in the video above, which was shot in a Takashimaya department store in Japan. We also got a few tips from Shoana Jensen, lifestyle expert with Scotch Brand, who has a few ideas for those accomplished wrappers among us. T he trick appears to be to place the gift at an angle of 45 degrees to the paper before wrapping it, and always apply a small amount of sticky tape after the first fold.

Find an old baby picture and tape it to the top of the gift.

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How to wrap christmas gifts like a pro Christmas gifts for guys who like to cook

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How To Wrap A Present LIKE A PRO How to wrap christmas gifts like a pro

W ell now we can, by copying the technique in the video above, which was shot in a Takashimaya department store in Japan.

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  1. If you, like so many others, like to grab a gift bag and tissue paper and call it a day when wrapping your gifts, then Christmas is a particular minefield for you.

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