What exercise to choose for doma
  Simulators can be divided into two categories: cardio equipment and weights. Strength training is necessary for muscle building, but they can be used and those who want to lose…

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Breathing exercises Marina Korpan Bodyflex, Oxisols exercises, videos, reviews people
  The most cherished desire of every girl is a figure worthy of admiration. Today to be just not skinny enough. In price on the market of beauty" flat tummy,…

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Street workout (Street Workout) – not just fitness and a healthy lifestyle!


The promotion of healthy lifestyles Mytishchi municipal area and orientation of youth on multilateral development.

Project description:

The project’s features is the ability to engage any person, even not prepared to exercise. Despite this, the project is also suitable for more experienced athletes, because in practice there are exercises that will develop your physical strength even years after active workouts. In addition, the program can be difficult to add new exercises. Workout is a healthy way of life, which never Continue reading

Sweating with exertion and intense sports activities what to do


Each time, doing sports, there is sweating with a small load, and it is considered quite normal. Most athletes, even the most hardened, after Jogging on a treadmill wipe the sweat from his brow.

Sometimes because of the weight gain increased sweating troubled man: slow when walking, slight physical exertion, and sometimes even without them. Is this normal, and then how to deal with excessive sweating of the body?

Features of the mechanism of sweating

Very often people who wish to drop a couple of extra pounds, wondering what to do with abundant sweating. Here you need to immediately determine whether there is any cause profuse sweating without physical load (physiological feature of your body), or it manifests in intense sports activities.

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Treadmills and their types


Today treadmills have enjoyed special fame, because to hold them workout right at home. Even if your house has a fairly small size, the trainer will not take up much space. In addition, the treadmill is easy to use and allows well to strengthen the nervous, cardiovascular and respiratory system, carefully consider the core group of muscles and very quickly get rid of excess weight.

The tracks differ in principle of operation:



Tape mechanical devices works with load-effort that this principle of movement closely simulates realistic natural walking and running. Mechanical track in turn differ in the type of inhibition and resistance of the walking belt. If the training device has magnetic braking, as a result of running the tape is to be moved smoothly, and on other models in the process Continue reading