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  The most cherished desire of every girl is a figure worthy of admiration. Today to be just not skinny enough. In price on the market of beauty" flat tummy,…

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Reviews about Nordic walking. Nordic walking for weight loss
  We have not once heard reviews about Nordic walking . as from our customers, and just from friends and acquaintances about how it has helped them lose weight, correct…

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A healthy body is not just the absence of disease


A healthy body is not only the absence of congenital defects and diseases. It is the combination of physical, social and psychological well-being.

The human body is a unified whole. If suddenly it starts to hurt some body begins to suffer the whole system of the organism as a whole. Most people believe that all diseases of the nerves. But it’s not. Plays a huge role in the human diet, occupation, lifestyle, time of work and rest.

Sometimes, starting to get sick, immediately run to the pharmacy for

medicines, but in ancient times people were treated folk remedies. Look around and you will see how many herbs you can gather summer. But if you maintain a healthy lifestyle, to ensure a healthy sleep, to cleanse the body, many diseases can be avoided. Not by chance Continue reading

Street workout (Street Workout) – not just fitness and a healthy lifestyle!


The promotion of healthy lifestyles Mytishchi municipal area and orientation of youth on multilateral development.

Project description:

The project’s features is the ability to engage any person, even not prepared to exercise. Despite this, the project is also suitable for more experienced athletes, because in practice there are exercises that will develop your physical strength even years after active workouts. In addition, the program can be difficult to add new exercises. Workout is a healthy way of life, which never Continue reading

A healthy body)article Ineta, with sneakers by

Met a very interesting advice, and that he was always before his eyes, and not only me, decided to put the group: ALMOST a PANACEA… it’s Hard to believe, but you can check.

I have a rare recipe that I want to share with you. This recipe for many diseases. And he came to me quite by accident.

We were with a friend at the exhibition of cosmetics. The whole day went. All very interesting. But tired and decided to drink tea with sandwiches. A friend pulled out a thermos. Sit, drink. Crouch down next to the woman. A friend offered her some tea. The woman refused. The conversation began. The woman tells us, “you Girls are so young! Why do you need makeup!” What we were surprised: “We’re young? Yeah we have a lot of diseases!” No sooner had we to say what ails them, as she herself called us all our problems: “you Have anemia and you pancreas is not OK”. We opened their mouths: “How did you know?” — “Language!” And we just sat and ate sandwiches.

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