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Met a very interesting advice, and that he was always before his eyes, and not only me, decided to put the group: ALMOST a PANACEA... it's Hard to believe, but…

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Running – one of the sports that strengthens the heart, burns extra calories, making your body slimmer and younger. Moreover, running – the most accessible sport, as all that is necessary for it is good shoes, comfortable clothes, and, of course, a place to run.

You do not need any elaborate equipment and simulators, and special skills in the sport is also not necessary. However, remember that if you are

starting a business from scratch, you will need some knowledge. You should know in order to develop endurance even at short distances, it will take time. And it doesn’t matter, have you undertaken any other sport. If you have the patience, then you shouldn’t be hard to follow simple tips to learn how to run. Before school starts, be sure to consult with your doctor.

The choice of running shoes

Pay attention to the shoes. It is best to buy running shoes designed specifically for running. These sneakers are lightweight, have high sole on the heel for the best cushioning and reduce the load on the joints. In addition, some models can be equipped with ventilation, the leg-breathed, and is found to have tread for better traction for running on rough terrain.

You should not run in old shoes or rag shoes. A new good shoes will serve you an invaluable service. Running shoes that perfect fit on your feet, will not cause discomfort while running. Remember, this is very important, especially if you are new to the sport, as well-matched shoes will protect your feet while running.

Selection of clothing for Jogging

Not only shoes, but also clothes for running deserves attention. Jogging can be done in the summer in Sunny weather and in winter on a cold day, the main thing to know what to wear. It is important to remember that while Jogging, the heart works more intensively, causing the body temperature can rise to 39-40 degrees. For this reason, the extra insulation will only hurt, sweaty body quickly starts to hypothermia, which can lead to cold-related disease. Winter Jogging you should wear underwear, on top of which will be only a light jacket. Will not be superfluous to care of your hands and head warm mittens and a hat that will not be while running to slide on the eyes, you do not hurt.

The choice of clothes you can come and practical way, starting to get dressed Jogging warm enough, in your opinion, and removing unnecessary items of clothing before entering the training. Importantly, if in the winter while running you start to overheat, immediately turn towards the house.

Place for Jogging

Before proceeding to cross-country practice, you need to decide where you will run. If it’s a street, give preference to the earthen paths, not paved. In the dark, especially in places where intensive transport runs, put on light colored clothing or clothing that is equipped with reflective stripes, and always run against traffic. Well, if this treadmills in the gym, everything is much easier. Start running with a quick walk for ten minutes. Then do the following: thirty seconds of running, one minute walking. Follow this rule for three days a week, increasing each week while running, and walking reduce. Remember, everything must happen at a comfortable level. If you are performing these exercises you will be able to speak – you are on the right track, if there is shortness of breath – activities should be discontinued. Clearly following these guidelines, to run without interruption, you will be ready in four weeks. Be sure to focus your attention on time, but not at speed.

Proper breathing while running

While running, it is very important to follow the correct breathing, which is the key to health. Frequent and deep breathing promotes the flow of oxygen, which leads to the burning of calories and weight loss. Beginners who start Jogging, mistakenly believe that heavy breathing – it is a sign of significant stress on the body, which in turn will stimulate weight loss. But it was not the case. Heavy breathing – it’s the lack of oxygen in the body, without affecting all the organs. And, of course, about any weight loss in this case cannot be considered. Therefore, you should remember that proper breathing – it is a natural need of our body, which we, unfortunately, rarely think. What is proper breathing? This unhindered breathing through the nose. And if while running you becomes hard to breathe, so you have to reset the tempo, but in any case not to breathe through the mouth. It should be remembered that at first it will be difficult to achieve a correct, natural breathing, but constant training will help you create a natural reflex of breathing. Breathing is the best sixteen breaths per minute, namely, making three or four step – make an exhalation, step or two – breath. First, the process have to control breathing, and then it will become a habit, and to do this you will absolutely unconsciously.

Foot placement when running

Correct stop running plays a significant role. It is important to push off and land on the entire area of the foot from heel to toe and not bump toe into the ground, as do some beginners as it increases the load on the knee and can injure your joints. Also when running toe socks don’t have to look to the side, as occurs when walking. Turn them inside fifteen degrees so as to obtain a straight line. It provides a good grip and qualitative repulsion from the surface. During bending of the legs in the knee joints, it is necessary to ensure that they were well directed, and feet. This will save you from unnecessary injuries.

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