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Learn to breathe correctly while running


Running is not only healthy physical activity that can support your body in great shape, and an enjoyable experience. However, there is in running one little secret that many somehow forget sometimes is the breath. Proper breathing will allow you to run a much longer distance and will not let your lungs get tired. But what is it – correct?

Of course, everyone breathes differently, however, as for running, there are some universal techniques. Having mastered them, you will forget about such problems as shortness of breath and fatigue.

Breathing in the warm-up

Of course, you can’t just get up in the morning and run forward. Before training the muscles need a good warm up so you don’t accidentally pull. Traditionally, the workout includes squats, bending in different directions, lunges legs, Mahi hands. Don’t forget at this time and into the breath . The exhalation should be done in the moment when your body is in a position, in which the chest is compressed. And breath, respectively, at a time when it expands.

When bending and lunges legs exhale the air at the endpoint of exercise. Just at this time, and your chest, and your abdomen is compressed, which allows to displace all the air.

If your workout includes strength training, for them, has a certain breathing technique. So, breathe, when your muscles are the least tense, exhale – when they are most tense.

Most importantly, don’t hold your breath, not to shoot down the rhythm.

Breathing while running

Running is a cyclical exercise, continuous. While running is very important to control the smooth rhythm of breathing . Interestingly, while running our bodies need oxygen in tens times more, than when walking.

For slow running will fit the following equipment: moderately deep inhale and exhale do every four steps. If you feel that you start to choke, reduce the number of steps, for example, up to three or even two.

If you run fast, then, unfortunately, the body’s need for oxygen increases so that an independent judgment as to control the breath becomes unreal. To run fast is best for very short distances – you will spend energy and then restore it, as breathless.

If you run at a moderate speed, breathe evenly and calmly . the main attention is paid to the breath. So, the most correct breathing is when the lungs fill with air for about twenty five to thirty five percent of their total volume. Of course, to determine the capacity of the lungs to the eye rather hard, but over time you learn to listen to your body. Just look at how expanding your rib cage during inhalation. Ideally, it should increase by about one third of its maximum volume, but no more.

Something to breathe through your mouth or nose?

Even at school the gym teachers demanded that we breathe exclusively through the nose. In extreme cases, breathing can be done through the nose and exhale through the mouth . Fifteen years ago this technique was considered to be strictly correct, however, today, many athletes claim that it is not so. The fact is that, as we have mentioned above, running strengthens the body’s need for oxygen, it requires much more air than in the normal state. The nose is quite a narrow opening for the oxygen supply in the proper quantity. However, and to breathe only through the mouth is very dangerous – you can simply catch a cold. Ideal – mixed breathing (i.e. simultaneous inhaling and exhaling through the mouth and nose.