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A healthy body)article Ineta, with sneakers by

Met a very interesting advice, and that he was always before his eyes, and not only me, decided to put the group: ALMOST a PANACEA… it’s Hard to believe, but you can check.

I have a rare recipe that I want to share with you. This recipe for many diseases. And he came to me quite by accident.

We were with a friend at the exhibition of cosmetics. The whole day went. All very interesting. But tired and decided to drink tea with sandwiches. A friend pulled out a thermos. Sit, drink. Crouch down next to the woman. A friend offered her some tea. The woman refused. The conversation began. The woman tells us, “you Girls are so young! Why do you need makeup!” What we were surprised: “We’re young? Yeah we have a lot of diseases!” No sooner had we to say what ails them, as she herself called us all our problems: “you Have anemia and you pancreas is not OK”. We opened their mouths: “How did you know?” — “Language!” And we just sat and ate sandwiches.

It turned out that the woman from Voronezh, traditional healer. We started to discuss how we are treated. What the woman told us that recently returned from China, where he discussed with his doctors the situation is in Russia, she wanted to take a kidney. The Chinese ordered her to suck the garlic in the morning, until then, until the body recovers.

When we Wake up in the morning, we have in your mouth “cesspool”. Chop finely garlic clove, give him five minutes to lie down, and then put in my mouth and chase it with the saliva in your mouth, suck the juice. Saliva enters the blood, cleans the blood vessels, the lymph. Strengthens the mouth, gums do not bleed. But in order to avoid swelling of the mucous, you should start with a plate of garlic cloves and gradually bring to whole cloves. Suck 30 minutes. The cake from garlic to spit out. To avoid odour, have Breakfast, brush your teeth, chew a grain of coffee, a sprig of parsley.

The healer reminded us of the word Vanga: “While there is garlic on the earth, the earth will live.” And he explained: many people believe that there is garlic in large quantities — enough for health. But for the most part they do it to whet your appetite, as all enters the stomach. And when you suck on the garlic, juice, bypassing the stomach into the blood and cleans it. This recipe I have not seen anywhere else. It is very effective. If you started to take the influenza epidemic, he will save you from serious consequences. Who wants to restore their health, be sure with this recipe need to change your way of life. Abandon bad habits, at least from overeating, then it is effective at 100%.

I will say that in this recipe I immediately believed. Because I had anemia, I saw a lot of iron supplements. So, I canceled and started to suck the garlic in the morning. A month went to donate blood in the laboratory at the Institute Sklifosovsky. Imagine my surprise when I learned that my hemoglobin 120 units! But he had never before been above 86 units! Then did an ultrasound of the kidneys. My pyelonephritis is also gone!

Told this recipe to my friend who lives in the country. In her autumn-spring period starts barking cough (chronic bronchitis). My friend started to suck the garlic and became a fan of this method. Because gradually the cough was gone. She often had spasms of blood vessels, in which she chenille lips, and she lay without moving, all she too was gone. The husband her kidney was a stone. Urine was bloody. Began to suck on the garlic, and the urine became clear, purified skin. To enumerate all such cases of healing can be long. But at a certain persistence, using the recipe people achieve very good results.

Recorded Ilya CAITLIN

Decided that it fits me too is very easy and simple, and most importantly effectively. Use of health. Let our insides are polished to reflect a healthy view of outside.