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Scandinavian hadba


Walking — the most natural form of physical activity, which also allows you to combine business with pleasure. To increase your efficiency during normal walking and to try something new, Nordic walking.

Nordic walking (Nordic Walking) — walking with special poles that resemble ski poles. In this walk step simulates cross-country skiing, while remaining not Jogging, and walking. In this case, you rely on four

points, is back and her hands — this increases the load, and you do endurance training. Load at Nordic walking harder than usual, but less intense than during the run. Run doctors recommend not for everyone, but walking with sticks (though it looks weird) has virtually no contraindications.


Modern walking sticks appeared in the 1940-ies: professional skiers in Finland kept themselves in shape during the summer, guessing that without skis your running efficiency with sticks will be high. However, the popularity of the walk has gained only at the end of the 90s, when it began to actively promote Finnish sports community. First problem was the stick: regular ski was too long. Finns that did not stop: in the spring of 1997 sports University conducted experiments with students. “Experimental” walked with sticks of different lengths, the result was bred «formula perfect stick” — it should be 15 cm shorter ski. To design such a stick has instructed the firm Exel sports equipment. Since 1998, when production of the sticks was established, in Finland there was a boom like this walk, which spread to other countries under the name Nordic Walking. Now the International Association of Nordic walking include 23 countries, including South Korea and New Zealand. Russia is still in it, although fans of the walk we have. If you do not suffer from natural shyness and ready to walk without skis, but with sticks, note some important nuances.


In General, Nordic walking relates to cardio . Just walking through the Park, you load only the lower part of the body — the legs. Nordic walking gives the load on the upper body, including arms, shoulders, and back. Scientists claim that this calories are burnt by 46% more than normal walking — tempting figure! Actively working with your hands, you get toned biceps and triceps, which in ordinary life we almost do not work. Abdominals when Nordic walking is involved to a lesser degree. But the load can be increased and, if every step lightly to turn the body right and to the left: then will connect to the work and obliques. In this case, you do not blush and return home with a beetroot complexion, as it happens after Jogging and other active loads. An hour of walking at a active pace you will burn around 300 calories. If you will be strongly integrated in the upper torso (waving his arms, rotate the housing), the number of calories burned will increase. Plus it’s a good way to improve blood circulation and put to work the heart, vessels and lungs. Bonus: Nordic Walking — a great fight against physical inactivity . If you count how many steps per day is a normal office worker, on average, the number will not exceed 6″7 thousand steps. While the daily allowance — from 10 thousand steps, and walking with poles — a great way to fill this deficit.


Absolutely everything: Nordic walking there are no contraindications . In Europe together with the young people she deals with a huge number of older people. Besides walking does not need any special skills: you are guaranteed to succeed. In addition, the special dislocation to practice is also not needed because you can go wherever we want on the streets, in the Park though, even in the woods. Some enthusiasts constantly carry with them in the trunk of a car walking poles to engage in Nordic Walking at any time. By the way, regular classes Nordic walking you can vary the exercises all with the same poles — in particular, to do stretches before and after training. Helpful hint: after you finish your workout, take a warm bath — this will help relax the muscles, and they will not sore the day after active loads.


When walking with sticks feet must be kept slightly bent, as with any other form of fitness. Start position: the right hand is stretched forward and holding the stick at an angle, left hand freely lies on the level of the pelvis and leans backward. To come to earth, you must first the heel, then navigate to toe, as a result, the surface needs to be the entire foot. Move to the rhythm of the right hand — left leg and keep the body at a slight angle, not vertically. Poles should be kept close to the body, so do not make the hands too wide. Sticks act as additional support, in addition they coordinate the movement of arms and legs and help to push off, when we step. The sticks are attached to the hands of special belts — if you let them go, they still won’t fall.


As you know, poles — the only props needed for Nordic walking. In General, you can go with a conventional ski poles, only shortened. The desired length can be calculated by the formula “your height x 0.68”. It’s about minus 15 cm from your regular ski poles. Professional walking sticks are sold in sports shops. Usually they are sliding, so to adjust the length. Graphite pencil tip on the end of sticks gives the same comfort to push off and from the asphalt, and from the earth, and from the sand. In addition, real Nordic walking poles are very light, so they will have no extra load on your joints.


This is perhaps the most relevant issue. On the pension “snowstorm” there are many specialized paths chosen by connoisseurs of this kind of walking. And the instructor will show and will supervise the correct execution of exercises and recommendations. Here You will be able to join in the company of like-minded people and enjoy Hiking sports walks in the woods.