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  All ellipsoids from Sport Kumite possess a subtle level settings made from materials incredibly harmless to human health, and is able to work not for a year without needing…

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Structural and functional aspects of adaptation of the heart to physical activity
The work was performed at the Department of normal anatomy of the Ternopil state medical Academy In experiment investigated the structural and functional features of the reorganization of the departments…

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Interval training on the treadmill


Interval training is a workout with alternating heavy load and light (average) load. Interval training has a positive effect on the training of the cardiovascular system, increase endurance, burn fat and calories (some studies show that interval training is very effective to lose weight), as well as the development of muscle force.

Classic interval training:

Progressive interval training:

6. Running an average pace (2 minutes at a speed of 4 km/h)

Attention! Data are given as examples and are not working program.

Progressive interval training requires more training and is not recommended in the initial stages of training.

The maximum duration of a heavy load in the interval programs should not exceed 2 minutes.

Training diary for better results

Interval training provides an excellent opportunity for growth in the training process, because as you workout you can change the running speed (average and intensive tempo), the number of intervals (you can increase or decrease the number of intervals, varying the running speed and the ratio of time a heavy load to the average (in this example, 1:2). But for this you must strictly adhere to a training regime, i.e. to decide in advance which of the parameters and when you will change.

For example, you want to increase your running speed in the intensive as at 1 km/h in 10 workouts and 10 workouts to reduce the time of running in a relaxed state for 10 seconds. But don’t change two parameters at once (at least significantly). This can cause your body will not be ready for such a sharp change of the load. Remember the main rule of practice is gradual. For such purposes you will need training diary: count your workouts to not miss the change and mark appropriate parameters (weight, waist, etc.). It doesn’t take much time but will help you a lot in the training process and charge you with enthusiasm when you see how far you have come and what still want to walk.

How often to do interval training?

Interval training is a significant load on your body and after it is necessary to give the body rest. The minimum interval training is alternating days of exercise and rest day (classes a day). Maybe someone will be more convenient to do 3 times a week, e.g. mon. Ms. FR. The recommended amount of interval training is 3-4 times a week (more — overload, less — little efficiency).

Custom programs for interval training

In electric treadmills with having functions of a custom software has the ability to customize and save settings interval training for future classes in it, which gives some advantage and convenience compared to treadmills without this feature, where it is necessary to modify the load. You can also search interval workout in already established programs, but not the fact that it will fit you.