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Physical exercise in the gym can cause drug dependence


5Addicted to exhausting physical exercise in the gym is caused not only by the desire to improve their physical fitness, but is a very real addiction.

Scientists found that such strenuous exercise is accompanied by production in the body endorphin, which is a chemical the cause of positive emotions.

Today we can already say that in many cities, particularly in Moscow,

there was a whole category of so-called fitness junkies. Such people are missing one or two classes in the gym begin to experience sensations, something resembling a break.

So, in the capital of Russia specialists of elite centres have noticed the emergence of the sad patterns. More and more often turn to them for help people who can’t lead a normal life due to fitness. Such people are counting the hours until the moment when they will be able to get to the dumbbells, barbells and other exercise equipment. Skip another workout for them becomes a real tragedy that causes depression. It is the desire to avoid such depression fitisemanu and explain your passion for have already become essential to sports.

The true reason for this mania, as experts suggest, lies in the history of fitness in Russia. In the 1990s, replaced the basement gym halls came a respectable centers, equipped with the latest standards of the European model, which has become a prestigious occupation. There was even a special new philosophy, which is considered exercise and maintaining physical fitness is an essential attribute of success in all relationships.

Most of these adherents of fitness over time has thrown its expensive and requires huge time consuming hobby. But still such people, for whom are all necessary types of training, such as, for example, step, stretching, fitball, yoga.

During 2007, a group of scientists from Australia’s Griffith University has conducted studies on the peculiarities of the psyche and physiology of this type of people.

As a result of the conducted research it was found that the fitness addiction most often affects restless and closed nature who do not like to be the center of attention and is very painful perceiving any ridicule on themselves.

This dependence can cause a variety of effects which are United only by one thing – they are negative, especially if the person constantly exposes himself to too high stresses in training. High physical activity, which is regularly subjected to human body, can cause serious problems, both in mental and in physical terms.

Some fitisemanu, especially painfully relevant to the formation of the figure, often spend a grueling workout on the background of a low calorie diet. This circumstance leads to the fact that the depletion of the body causes fainting in the halls sports facilities, not to mention the emergence of irritability and bouts of insomnia.

There are even recommendations of a personal trainer, as formed fanaticism hinders attempts to just abandon their delusions.

Main characteristics of this mania are tragic perception of the missed workout, many hours visiting the gym, developed insomnia, poor appetite, nervous irritability, isolation and aggression. Besides, the whole scale of values such fitnessman shifting towards sports activities.

If a person is overly fond of the sport, then he should heed the following recommendations, in order to avoid such dependence.

It is necessary to frequently change your workout program, also it is recommended to combine training in the gym with active rest in the fresh air. You should not ignore other types of fitness, such as, for example, dance lessons, soothing yoga and stretching.

It is worth paying attention to, for example, in martial arts, which have the ability to give positive energy.

There should be no excessive load is located on intensive workouts not more than three or four times a week, each of which shall not exceed one and a half to two hours, and this applies only to prepared physically people.