The dosage of physical exercises morning exercises
  In the first, introductory part, we have read the General regulations. In the second part we will focus on the selection of individual loads in a self-build a complex…

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Nordic walking with sticks how to lose weight
  People with diseases of the cardiovascular system, Jogging is contraindicated. The fitness club for many people in the country expensive. Aerobics for weight loss many contraindicated. So what sport…

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How to choose a trainer for doma

What exercise to choose for the home . to lose weight or just keep fit? Which is better: treadmill, exercise bike, ellipsoid or stepper? Find the perfect solution is quite simple if You know exactly what you expect from her home sportgala.

What should be the trainer for your home?

To the selection of home gyms should be approached very carefully. To avoid mistakes, you need to know a few basic requirements to be met by the


Compactness is one of the most important conditions, of course, unless You have a separate gym. Overall the device is difficult to place in an ordinary apartment, so better to give preference to compact options. Note that the simulator will always stand in its place.

Quality – usually, expensive sports equipment we purchased for one year. So here it is better not to skimp and buy a higher quality, though not the cheapest handset. The more that Your investment will pay off in beautiful shape and excellent health.

Security – projecting parts, moving parts, electrocore – all this is a potential hazard, especially when children are present. Note the system on and off, lock and other features.

Ease of management – setting work, and, if necessary, disassembly of equipment, should not cause You trouble.

Accessibility – for home use do not buy the most expensive and technologically advanced machine. For training several times a week is enough of the simulator in the middle price segment.

Now the most important thing is to understand what effective home equipment will help You create the body of your dream.


The most simple, compact and affordable option. Conventional stepper is in a room not more than a square meter. If desired, it is always possible to clean under the couch, in the pantry or on the balcony. Classes resemble walking up the stairs. They do not create a large load and are suitable for almost everyone.

Training on the stepper is mainly aimed at the muscles of the legs. This is ideal for those who want to lose inches off hips and buttocks, pump calf muscles, correct form in the area of “breeches”. The load is adjusted by changing the angle: the higher it is, the steeper the hill “in which You walk.

Some models are equipped with levers for hands. They allow you to work the muscles of the shoulders, chest, back. When the correct position of the body are utilized also your abdominals. An hour of active workout can burn about 380 calories.


One of the most popular types of effective home exercise equipment. As the stepper, aimed mainly on training legs. However, there is more involved back muscles and abdominals. In addition, it is also an effective cardiovascular workout. It develops the lungs, improves the cardiovascular system. The important advantage of minimal impact stress on the joints.

If You decide what exercise to choose for the house to get rid of cellulite, safely give preference to “bike home”. Regular practice will help for a few months to get rid of “orange peel” on the thighs, tone the muscles of the legs and buttocks. Most models offer a wide setting for the desired load. After work, take a small bike “walk” on flat ground, and on weekends conquer serious climb up the hill. Good exercise bikes create a bit of noise, so You can easily engage with music or your favorite TV series. The hours will relieve You from 300-700 calories depending on the intensity of your workout.


We all know that running is one of the best ways to get rid of excess weight. But to go Jogging in the early morning or in the evening after work not every. A great alternative is the treadmill. It allows you to work almost all of the problem areas: legs, glutes, hips, abs, back, arms. This reduction centimeters occurs uniformly throughout the body.

It is a treadmill is considered the most effective home exercise equipment for weight loss and keeping in shape. However, contraindications to such classes the most. If You have joint problems, it is better to choose a moderate load, such as brisk walking. Among the strict contraindications include: pulmonary heart disease, high blood pressure, bronchial asthma with frequent attacks.

When you choose your treadmill for the house, pay to the noise level of the device. Inexpensive mechanical paths can be quite noisy, which makes the lesson more enjoyable. It is also better to choose a home trainer with integrated computer that registers your heart rate, distance traveled and other data.

The number of calories that can be spent on a treadmill is completely dependent on load:

a quick walk – 200-300 calories per hour,

running medium intensity – 400-500 kcal,

running full capacity – 600 to 800 kcal.


This home complex simulator combines an exercise bike, treadmill and stepper. When playing on it, it engages the largest number of muscles, increasing aerobic exercise, burn more calories. Places such sports equipment takes up quite a lot. On the other hand, he immediately replaces three home exerciser, so to select the angle for him still more profitable.

Training on the ellipsoid allows you to work the muscles of the shoulder girdle or not to use hands. The simplest models allow us to increase the load, more technological devices give the ability to adjust the stride length. Better to give preference to the second: they will help to make exercise more comfortable and effective.

Modern ellipsoids are also able to measure speed, heart rate, calorie consumption. All these data help to precisely control the load, to put together an effective training program. The hours with average load minus 500-800 kcal.

It is quite difficult to define exactly what a home trainer burns more calories. It all depends on the intensity of training, the selected load, heart rate. Assess which areas of the body need special attention and choose the best trainer for the house of the above. Most importantly, don’t forget that training should bring not only the result but also pleasure.