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What you need to eat after a workout
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Healthy organism


The following products were so widely

prevalent that many people don’t think without them the existence.

Those who relished vigorous, fulfilling and happy life

without medication and without diseases, in turn, can not imagine how

you can eat anything.

Everyone chooses: limitations and health, or freedom in eating and


However, temporary restrictions. As you cleanse the man himself

start to instinctively avoid junk food.

So here’s the list of “hazards”.

1. *Salt*. In the ideal diet salt are almost not used, but

also minimized pickles, tomatoes, mushrooms, etc.

excluded crispy potatoes, saltine crackers, some cheese and

other salty foods.

Sauerkraut with a minimum of salt is allowed when no other

sources of vitamins and also in the cold.

2. *Sugar and all foods where it enters*: confectionery,

jam, jams, compotes, ice cream, sweetened juices, etc.

In principle, herbal tea with sugar or with jam as

separate food sometimes can afford, but in combination with other foods

sweet strongly contraindicated. Eaten with starches or

protein, sugar causes putrefactive fermentation of fruit it acidifies

blood. Fruit is a powerful source of alkali, but with sugar, they become

the same powerful sources of acid.

Honey in moderation such reactions does not cause, but even

honey is better to eat separately and not every day (although a little bit honey

you can add to many dishes).

– Made from berries with sugar is much less harmful than

sugar. The thing is, when storing enzymes berries and fruit translate

part sugar to fructose, in addition, such mixtures contain a lot

vitamins. But still, preserves, jams, and other “live” products

sugar derived products are not the best (although sometimes acceptable and

even desirable – when no other sources of vitamins).

3. *Margarine, cooking fats, vegetable fat and other

artificial fats*. If health care, neither have them, nor

to cook on them is impossible.

4. *Canned food*. It is absolutely dead products. Meat and fish

canned food also supersaturated with salt and preservatives. Canned vegetables

sometimes edible.

Often also acceptable fruit and vegetable purees for

baby food. But they are only suitable for the most extreme cases when

it is impossible to find anything fresh.

Thus, the majority of canned products special hazard. And even

those few representatives who are not very harmful, usually are not useful.

However, you can make fruit and vegetable harvesting themselves. But

better, if possible, to do everything fresh. Cabbage, potatoes,

5. *Coffee*. It is a stimulant and like all stimulants, is not

food product and should be attributed to medications.

Everyone who often drink coffee, the sick, and they never experience that

it means to be truly healthy until their nervous system is not

recovers from systematic violence caused by this drink.

6. *Tea*. All that was said about coffee, refers to strong

the black tea. Weak tea is allowed, but it is best to drink herbal


Green tea is much less harmful than black, it is often

apply with disorders, flatulence, goiter.

But neither black nor green tea is better not to get used.

7. *”Fanta”, “Coca-Cola”, “Pepsi-Cola”, “Sprite”* and other

such drinks. Its destructive action on the body they

superior coffee and tea, but, fortunately, are used less frequently.

Generally the best of all beverages – clean water!

8. *All sausages as well as smoked fish, ham, smoked

brisket, etc*. Cooked sausage is hard to even call it a product.

Sausage quality is slightly better, but they should not be tolerable

In smoked a lot of irritants and salt, they are pretty

significantly “hit” on the digestive and excretory organs and a very

In a small pot, such a delicious and tasty, it is extremely difficult

digested and contribute to gastritis, colitis, ulcers, diseases

the liver and kidneys.

10. *Vinegar, pepper, tomato sauces, mustard, pickles, and other

spicy or acidic seasonings*. These products are designed to “improve” the taste

meals that you eat and without feeling hungry. But they are very

irritate the digestive and excretory organs, prevent them

normal work and contribute to many diseases. Such stimuli

permitted to use only in very small amounts and certainly not constantly.

11. *Refined vegetable oil*. The degree of purification of all

vegetable oils are divided into 4 groups.

Unrefined oils are only draining to remove

solid impurities. Have a dark color and strong flavor and taste,

the nature of this type of oil. Usually give a big cake,

containing phospholipid (phosphatides) is a valuable biologically active

connection. It is best to precipitate shake and eat together

with oil (while it’s fresh).

Refined nodestoremove oil, additionally, handle

with alkali to remove free acid (very valuable components).

Refined deodorized oils are also

the effects of steam under vacuum to extract odorants.

As a result, the oil becomes almost transparent and devoid of any

Many experts believe that refined fats help

the growth of cancer cells. Such data cannot be considered firmly

installed, but healthy and sensitive organism “wants”

take the refined oils, it is a fact. However, he “does not like” and

some kinds of totally untreated oil.

Storing oil is best in a glass container with a tight lid –

13. *Mayonnaise*. He stands under the thirteenth number.

Mayonnaise is certainly harmful and is completely incompatible with the concept of healthy


14. *Reheated or stale food*. Cooked salad

after half an hour it loses half its value. Moreover, it

begin to develop microorganisms (especially if fill

sour cream or mayonnaise) and nitrate is actively converted to nitrites.

When you re warming up is also lost almost all valuable

substances. Remain calories and the products of bacterial activity (because

microbes evolve even in the refrigerator, although much slower than

at room temperature).

15. *Products made from refined wheat flour bread, pasta, drying and


Drying, crackers, noodles and pasta it is better to exclude from

its menu. If they still have to eat, we do a very

long and hard to chew, especially pasta.

Doubting it can do a simple experiment.

Wheat bread quality flour for the approval of a majority

eminent nutritionists also very harmful. Digest it is, however, easier

crackers or pasta, but quite strongly acidifies the blood.

Quite another matter – the bread from whole wheat flour. But

to eat ad libitum possible only to those who are engaged in heavy physical labor.

And yet. A huge role in the quality of bread plays pastries. Well

the baked bread from the “high quality” flour, undoubtedly

preferable bread whole meal, but blagopriyatnogo.

16. *White rice*. It is advised to avoid for the same reasons,

that and white bread – this rice is acidic body.

The better way is to buy a less pure rice 2nd grade, and