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Some practical tips how to run


To get pleasure from running in the first place, correct running technique. Making it would be best to talk with a Pro, and even better not one, but several, to summarize their experience and to develop their individual running technique.

Several recommendations how to run:

The right shoes

To Jogging was as comfortable as possible and without painful consequences, you need to run in a special cross-country running shoes with thick soles, and then really do not advise to save. Firm can advise Asics, Mizuno, Adidas. And be guided by the fact that with regular Jogging, especially on asphalt, running shoes should be replaced every six months to a year, they just slowly captivate.

The right clothes

In principle, it is not so important what clothes to run, let me just say from experience that in special sportswear running still more comfortable, it wicks sweat, and the body breathes and does not restrict movements, and nothing more is not loose. Here the choice is very wide, see for yourself.

Proper technique

There will be better to find such videos on the Internet. I would only say that you should run lowering your legs to the ground on the heel and soft toe, i.e. you need to run on toes and heel is not kicking and less load on the knees and spine.


Before a run, it is useful to draw the muscles of the legs. But please note that stretching should be done very slowly, not as we were taught in school jerk movements. Slowly stretch out, making for one group of muscle exercise for at least 20 seconds, but better than 1 minute, in through the nose and slowly out through the mouth. Itself a pulling movement do on exhalation, the inspiratory pause.

Warm-up and Hitch

I do 5 minutes warm up and 5 minutes cool-downs. Namely, begin Jogging at a very easy pace 10-20% of the maximum load and finish at the same pace. This allows you to first warm up the muscles, gradually to give the load, and in the end gradually to reduce stress and restore normal breathing.

Jogging time

Then let each man for himself determines. Despite what my pace at the moment I have enough for 10 to 30 minutes of running at an intense pace (60-80% of target heart rate zone (ZSP)). Target zone heart rate is determined as follows: from 220 subtract your age (number of years, such as 40-year-old man CSP will be 180 beats per minute).


For me it’s simple I breathe only through the nose, full chest. Additional plus breathing nose – in winter, less likely to have a sore throat.

To run alone

I used to run one, because there is no temptation to talk – talk knock the breath, and don’t need to adapt to the pace of the partner.

In the end, my formula runs as follows:

proper equipment, proper technique, stretching, warm-up and hitch, running at 60-80% of TSP within 10-30 minutes, nose breathing and Jogging alone.

I wish you, dear reader, bring your formula is correct Jogging and to share it in the comments.

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