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  Nowadays there are many ways how to adjust your figure. Some of them are more traditional, some, on the contrary, dangerous and not appropriate. Yes, in that not only…

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  Walking — the most natural form of physical activity, which also allows you to combine business with pleasure. To increase your efficiency during normal walking and to try something…

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Healthy lifestyle (HLS)


In order to solve the problem, it is important to understand its cause. This is true for all diseases and is especially important when it comes to such a terrible diagnosis, such as cancer. From understanding procin of cancer depends on the choice of method of treatment and, accordingly, the results of the treatment. Therefore, before talking about alternative cancer treatment, you should understand what are the reasons for its occurrence.

Generator Lohovskogo – treatment waves.

Some inventions are ahead of their time and therefore are undeserved forgotten. It happened with the generator Lohovskogo. Meanwhile, the effectiveness of this invention for the treatment of cancer has been proven experimentally.

How to improve your training results?

Whatever fitness goal is to lose weight, get fit, increase muscle, become stronger and fitter or improve health – I want to get the maximum result with the least effort. As often happens on the contrary – the person spends on training time, and the result is minimal. The results of training is influenced by many factors, often, at first glance, the workouts themselves are not related. Meanwhile, knowing some secrets, can significantly improve the results, while reducing the time of training.

Saline heals almost everything?

This method of treatment for almost all diseases, including cancer, is so simple that it’s hard to believe. To cure cancer in 3 weeks salt dressings? Sounds like science fiction. Meanwhile, the effectiveness of hypertonic saline for the treatment of many serious diseases has been proven in practice.

Compatibility of vitamins and minerals.

In the article, whether to Drink vitamins? I have already mentioned that not all vitamins and minerals are combined with each other. This should be considered when choosing a vitamin-mineral complexes and additives. Now let’s talk more about the compatibility of vitamins and minerals.

Drink whether vitamins?

People often ask me if I drink vitamins? I don’t drink, but does that mean that nobody should drink vitamins? Not necessarily. The question “should I take vitamins?” wonder very many. Information on this topic controversial enough to confuse anyone. In this article I will try to objectively understand the topic, so You can decide for yourself whether to drink vitamins for You personally, in Your particular situation. And also, how and what vitamins makes sense to drink?

Meals through the day.

Meals through the day is also called intermittent fasting, and sinusoidal diet. But, actually, it’s neither one thing nor the other. This is a very unusual type of food. There are several schemes for intermittent power, based on the same principle.

Unknown miracles of fasting.

The practice of fasting (basically, fasting on water) is becoming more popular and for good reason. Talking about the benefits of fasting, usually referring to physical aspects (see The benefits of fasting ). And really, the results of fasting often resemble the miracle cure many diseases (including even “incurable”), refundable health and energy, improved appearance. But today I want to talk about other miracles – about how fasting affects the consciousness.

Is it possible to move when fasting?

Is it possible (and whether) to move when fasting or better to lie, to rest? This question is raised all who are going to starve for the first time. But those who already have experience of fasting, it is not always clear whether to move during fasting, and why?

Herbal teas.

Herbal tea is not only healthy, but tasty drink, warming in winter and thirst-quenching in the summer, invigorating or calming, depending on selected herbs.

Prunoideae (living without eating).

What is prunoideae? Is there life without food? Prunoideae – myth or reality? Are there preedy really? Can anyone become princedom or pronoei is some special people?

Treatment of the thyroid gland.

Treatment of the thyroid gland and restoration of its functions is possible using two simple exercises and eating some helpful for thyroid food.

Healthy dinner.

Today I want to talk about healthy dinner. ‘ve all heard the saying “eat Breakfast yourself, share dinner with a friend, a dinner give to the enemy”. How much is this saying right?

How to lose weight without dieting?

I hate diets. And you? Long time ago I tried several times to sit on a diet to lose weight. Result. was not too impressive. But after a short time all the lost pounds back, and even bring friends! It turned out that I had suffered quite in vain.

Tibetan singing bowls.

Singing bowls (the most common so-called “Tibetan singing bowls”, produced in the Himalayan region) is an ancient musical instrument and a tool for meditation. But not only that.

The bell ringing.

Bell ringing has a rejuvenating effect on the human body. We already wrote about the effect of Mozart’s music and mantras for health and rejuvenation. The bells stands in the same row and has a number of unique beneficial properties.

Mandala Dance.

When I first saw the video of the Mandala dance, we just couldn’t tear myself away from the screen – such a strong impression it produces.

Limiting beliefs and hidden benefits.

Limiting beliefs and hidden benefits is a barrier on the way to youth and health.

Courses for health.

In this article You will find a list of courses for health, beauty and youth, cause I have the greatest confidence.

How to rid of a cold quickly?

Who ever asked this question – how to quickly get rid of a cold? They say that the cold goes without treatment for 7 days, with treatment for a week. But I want to get rid of this trouble quickly and without harm to health. And such methods are!


This element we need very little – just 50-100 mcg. a day. But his role in our body is very high! The lack of selenium is fraught with problems, but an overdose is very dangerous.

Brazilian walnut.

Brazilian walnut is one of the most useful. But it was a common word. Let’s see, what exactly is the benefit of Brazil nut?

Vitamin B12.

The truth about vitamin B12! About vitamin B12 spreads too much. to put it mildly, misleading, incomplete and inaccurate information. Even the fact that vitamin B12 is not true! B12 is a bacteria. And really truthful information about sources of B12 and the reasons for its lack, in General, “in the afternoon with fire not find.

Pine nuts.

Pine nuts are actually not nuts at all, but the seeds of cedar pines (often cedar Siberian pine). The composition of pine nuts are so rich in valuable amino acids, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals that can fully provide the body with all necessary.

Liquid food.

Liquid nutrition – food juices, soups and liquid puree (food, liquid food). It is useful to arrange fasting days on liquid food, and you can stick to a liquid diet constantly.

The benefits and harms of bread.

The bread is, without exaggeration, the most popular product. For centuries people ate bread, not doubting in his favor. So what has changed? Why should we doubt the usefulness of the bread eaten by many generations of our ancestors? But what had changed. bread itself..

The benefits and harms of oils.

All oils are divided into 3 groups, depending on the oils predominate in their composition: saturated, monounsaturated and polyunsaturated. That’s only about benefit and harm of different groups of oils there are two opposite opinions.

The most useful oils.

Many vegetable oils have remarkable beneficial properties. Moreover, each of them has its own distinctive useful features, so it is recommended to eat several species of beneficial oils. Vegetable oils are so different in composition that represent the entire spectrum – from the most useful to the most harmful.

Exercises for the spine.

A healthy spine is the Foundation of good health. Often we ourselves contribute to the deformation of the spine, sitting in a wrong posture, sleeping on a too-soft mattress, wearing the wrong shoes. Not to mention the various injuries, excess weight, sedentary lifestyle.

How to breathe correctly?

Know what I don’t like most systems, learning how to breathe correctly? The fact that they offer direct conscious control of the breath, that it is not natural. So I want to offer You a completely different approach. You don’t have concentration to do the right inhaling and exhaling, devoting to this task a significant portion of his time. Instead, You will allow your body to remember how to breathe properly.

Contrast shower.

A contrast shower is the most affordable, simple and effective procedure for healing and rejuvenation. Showers today are almost all. Let us use the fruits of civilization for your own benefit!

Treatment pressure (and not only).

Treatment of high blood pressure or low? Yes any! It is a method to normalize blood pressure, balance and harmony, and not the treatment of individual diseases. This method of treatment and prevention of many diseases, rehabilitation and rejuvenation.

The harm and benefit of milk – what does a dietitian?

In the previous article about the benefits and dangers of milk I have tried to disclose the topic. But, after reading the article Israeli clinical nutritionist tal Khaikin, I realized that simply has to translate it for our readers.