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A healthy gut is a healthy body

A healthy gut is a healthy body

Volume: 200 grams

Application: Daily, one blade (13 grams) FabeRich dissolve in a glass (200-

250 ml) of cold water or Your preferred beverage.

WARNING: Possible allergic reaction to psyllium (Psyllium Hask).

Helps the body naturally cleansed from waste;

• Supports gastrointestinal tract in a healthy condition.

• Promotes uptake of nutrients from food;

• Allows you to have good health, healthy skin and attractive appearance.

Taking care of yourself. A view from the inside.

Everything that we eat every day, the body doesn’t absorb completely. In the recycling process in the body waste products are created as byproducts of our own metabolism.

If our digestive system is unhealthy, the body cannot be cleansed of waste independently and begins to accumulate toxic substances that are detrimental to health.

For beauty, health and overall well-being of crucial importance to a balanced diet. But how many residents of megapolises daily adhere to this diet?

Digestive health – good health

• You are free of stress in your daily life?

• You prinimaete food regularly or “as necessary”?

• Do You vegetables and fruits daily and in sufficient quantity? And how much of them You eat raw?

• Pridurivaetes do You rule “an apple a day, keeps the doctor away”an Apple a day allows you to stay away from the doctor”)?

• Do You drink enough water daily?

The majority of urban dwellers will answer these questions “no”. Tense rhythm of work takes people away from healthy eating, and therefore diseases of the digestive system become part of city life.

For most people, the early stage of the disease of the digestive tract imperceptible, and it seems that they are not too affect their lives. Therefore, people do not pay attention to ailments from the digestive system. But nevertheless, people are increasingly faced with the problem of poor digestion.

A famous proverb says “the state of digestion affects the face.” If we are committed to our health, we need to seriously approach the problem of digestion! How to achieve a healthy digestive system?

The answer gives FibeRich® by NHT Global !

That’s why we offer You a tool that will take care of Your body from the inside and help You to have good health and attractive appearance.

Beneficial bacteria support Your health

We used to think that bacteria are bad. But did You know that there are bacteria that improve health? We are talking about the beneficial bacteria called “probiotics”. So what is this bacteria?

In the human gut is inhabited by hundreds of different kinds of bacteria. Among them are “harmful”, forming toxic substances, and “useful”, of importance to health.

Beneficial bacteria produce lactic and acetic acids, which aid in the digestion, regulate the acidity of our body and help get rid of toxic substances. They bacteria strengthen our immune system, help us absorb nutrients from food (vitamins, proteins, healthy fats and carbohydrates). They also help our body to synthesize vitamins and amino acids.

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