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Treadmills and their types


Today treadmills have enjoyed special fame, because to hold them workout right at home. Even if your house has a fairly small size, the trainer will not take up much space. In addition, the treadmill is easy to use and allows well to strengthen the nervous, cardiovascular and respiratory system, carefully consider the core group of muscles and very quickly get rid of excess weight.

The tracks differ in principle of operation:



Tape mechanical devices works with load-effort that this principle of movement closely simulates realistic natural walking and running. Mechanical track in turn differ in the type of inhibition and resistance of the walking belt. If the training device has magnetic braking, as a result of running the tape is to be moved smoothly, and on other models in the process of running will feel mild jerks. Thanks to standard mechanical drives people will be able to control the running speed, allowing you to adjust their physical abilities sports equipment.

Absolutely the entire range of mechanical tracks does not require additional power source, which makes them easy and even profitable to use. Due to the lack of engine and on-Board computer device, mechanical Jogging paths are of low weight, compact dimensions and relatively low cost.

Canvas electric models training tracks running through the motor. For training the person needs only to choose the desired speed and to configure the computer. The range of available speeds completely depends on the motor capacity. Electric simulators differ from its competitors smoothly, paintings and versatility of the onboard computer, which makes training more comfortable and convenient. By acquiring any such exercise equipment, you can not only select the optimal modes for running, but also to monitor your body through completing numerous sensors and programs.

Built-in computer hardware often has these capabilities and features:

Determining the speed of movement of the person;

The calculation of the pulse;

Selection of individual settings for training;

A wide range of training modes.

Thus, electrical training track is additionally equipped with a security system in the form of a key. During class athlete requires one end of the cord to attach to the key, and the other to his belt. If the person is in the process of running falls, the blade stops immediately, which makes training is perfectly safe.