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Street workout (Street Workout) – not just fitness and a healthy lifestyle!
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Reviews about Nordic walking. Nordic walking for weight loss


We have not once heard reviews about Nordic walking . as from our customers, and just from friends and acquaintances about how it has helped them lose weight, correct your posture, make new friends, to put himself in good physical shape, etc. In the near future we will try to create a separate section is devoted to reviews of Nordic walking . where ask each author to give the details than he helped Nordic walking, how long it took time, shared experiences, and other issues.

To date, the most memorable story – a review, which I heard was a story about losing weight (and very effective) when walking with sticks, and would like to bring it to you.

I told her a man of 35 years. I’ll describe, and add comments that explain the essence. And so, this person could not lose weight, kg 20. Tried it very much: and fitness, and Biking, and Jogging, just can’t remember everything – nothing helped. Spent 2 years of my precious life trying to lose weight, fail. All this time, the following was observed: you can lose weight, then gain, and so was jumping every 2 months, which of course could not fail to disappoint – the result is no, and the clock is ticking as he did not torture yourself with exhausting workouts. In the end, as he tells it, he saw a couple coming from the very Scandinavian with sticks in the Park, never understood the point of their walk, but the interest remained. After reading the article about Nordic walking, after watching videos, I decided to try myself. In the beginning, the attitude was skeptical, but the hope was still. The day came when he decided to buy Nordic walking poles that would understand like he is such a walking with special poles or not. And what would you think, since it’s been a year and a half, and now Nordic walking inseparable and he goes through the day for an hour and a half, and the result is, I tell You, there is. The man has achieved his goal in losing weight is not in the gym, while Jogging, and just regular Nordic walking session.

Let’s try to understand why this is even a gym didn’t help, and Nordic walking helped. The point is this: Who of you ever went to the gym? How much you were missing? Honestly, I went, and I have enough for 1-2 months of regular training, then just got tired of either monotony or fatigue, or simply mode. And these steps I have had several. Please note that when you interrupt such lessons, you can easily, and most likely will gain weight more than the one you had at the time, and maybe even before you start training. What actually happened with our hero for those 2 years of fruitless attempts to lose weight. Our body gets used to the flow of incoming energy – components of the food we food substances (proteins, carbohydrates, fats). During regular training, we constantly give him loads which are transformed into useful energy, and muscle mass. But when we suddenly cease to engage in, the body is under stress and begins to lay in a stock of everything that we eat, anticipating the moment that we again provide its loads. But we will not give even half of what he received during training. So it turns out the effect of camel’s hump, when all we eat is deposited in different parts of the body – usually in men: mainly the stomach and sides, and women is buttocks and legs. In our history have the following picture: our hero was engaged in all sorts of sports, but did not follow up, possibly due to the above reasons. However, by doing Nordic walking and a half years ago, continues its regular activities this kind of fitness and to this day, without any gaps in the training. As he says: “I am without these sticks now nowhere”. That is, we understand that for the whole period of training, Nordic walking, it did not bother him, and he threw the walking sticks, which led to the expected result – he lost the desired weight, and now just keep themselves fit! Indeed, the regularity of practice is one of the basic rules that you must follow if you want to reach a goal.

Based on the review of Nordic walking and comments, draw conclusions why he dumped Nordic walking.

Nordic walking:

– Does not require from you the special physical training

– Does not bear heavy physical loads (as a result get no worse)

– Financial investments to start Nordic walking minimum

– The major movements during the occupation of the walking sticks are a natural and familiar

– You are all the time in the fresh air (and it is a great advantage)

– Doing Nordic walking you rest

– Clear your thoughts and relax mentally (in our modern life a few classes that you can use it)

– Are you sure that it brings the desired result

– You just like it