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Chinese gymnastics will help the elderly with visual impairments


It just so happened that our layman the word “yoga” says much more than the word “Taijiquan”. Meanwhile, Taijiquan – Chinese health gymnastics, and, concurrently, a martial art is able to bring benefit to human body, no less than yoga. Moreover – this gymnastics, owing to the presence of huge number of soft and smooth motions, it is available for most old and sick people. According to a recent research on this topic, exercises from tai Chi can help older people with severely deteriorating eyesight. No,

performing these exercises will not return to these people vision . but can help to insure them from falls, which are the result of poor vision. As you know, fall in this age can have for the elderly fatal consequences.

It’s no secret that one of the factors due to which we can easily keep the balance – it’s our vision. Try a simple experiment – lift one leg, put her foot on the hip (or knee) of the other leg, and just hold that for as long as possible. Managed? Now try to close your eyes and do the same. It is unlikely you will be able in this case to maintain balance without special training. Researchers from the Hong Kong Polytechnic University (Hong Kong Polytechnic University, became interested in the problem of maintaining the balance of older people with low vision and organized a special research program. In the experiment, which lasted four months, involved 40 elderly people over 70 years old, living in homes for the elderly. All study participants three times a week for three weeks, performing various simple exercises from tai Chi . Each training session was divided into several parts (with a total duration of 90 minutes), which were carried out during the day. It is clear that every older person who participated in the program suffered from problems associated with vision impairment and impaired coordination of movement, as a consequence of these problems.

All the exercises have been chosen to help the voluntary participants in the experiment to learn to move your weight gradually: specific exercises for the head, torso and limbs helped the elderly to feel more comfortable with my body . that meant the improvement of the overall coordination of the movement. As a result, older people are much better able than their peers, who also live in nursing homes, to coordinate their movements and to maintain a balance of the body when moving. “Taijiquan is gymnastics, effective exercises which are very suitable for people with impaired vision . These exercises actually help these people significantly improve their ability to maintain balance of your body in space . – said in an interview study leader Dr William Tsang William Tsang) . – It would be very interesting to expand the scope of research and to involve older people who live independently. Great use this gymnastics could bring those old people who, despite his advanced age and health problems, trying to lead a more independent lifestyle” .

Dr. Tsang also noted that the practice of tai Chi requires full awareness of position in space of the arms, legs and other body parts . Many of the exercises are characterized by limited movements, which, in turn, can help to improve the so-called deep sensitivity (proprioception), that is, the feeling of the provisions of the publish parts of the body relative to each other. “A very important element in this exercises are exercises that require multiple repetitive head movements. This helps to stimulate the vestibular system and, as a result, improve the ability to keep your body in balance.” concluded Tsang.