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The benefits of swimming for the spine


Good day, dear friends! The benefits of swimming for the spine, that’s the topic of our today’s conversation. If we talk about the benefits of swimming for the spine, we should say that this is one of the fundamental methods that directly benefit our back on the positive side. The benefits of swimming for the spine in some cases, along with the usefulness of physical exercises for the spine, is decisive and is not subject to any doubt.

The essence of the use of navigation for the spine is that in the water our body weighs much less than in the usual environment where there is pressure

from gravity and from the air, which also has a weight. Our body, as water weighs a lot less, it can be said, is in a state of weightlessness. And in this regard, the utilization of all elements of the skeletal, muscular and other systems of our body are much reduced, and we can safely strengthen those elements of our backs, which in other circumstances would just hurt, and this pain cannot be involved.

The benefits of swimming for the spine is particularly relevant for segments of the spine located in the breast of his Department. It has beneficial effects and benefits to eliminate various negative effects such as herniated discs, which can peregibalsa nerves or roots. And in this connection is lost normal nerve communication with the same internal organs or limbs.

The benefits of swimming for the spine is particularly relevant and useful for the people who have the various manifestations of the disease, and especially to correct the initial manifestations of spinal curvature, that is, defects of posture. During the voyage unloaded our spine, straightened our intervertebral discs. Decreases the likelihood of intervertebral hernia, including hernia Shmorlja. Increases the amplitude of the joints, are trained and are in good working condition and tone the muscles, etc. so to speak figuratively, it is a huge benefit, like vitamins for our spine, but do not accept us inside, and come to us naturally.

If we talk about the benefits of swimming for the spine, here, the question naturally arises, what style it should be applied? In the same online, in medical, other literature and articles on this topic you can find a lot of recommendations on this issue. Experts believe that for every person who has back problems, you need to apply the style that will be useful for this person.

It may be a crawl and on the back, etc. I in this article I want to cite information from personal experience. In my case swimming really helped me for the thoracic spinal column. Swimming I tried to implement only the breaststroke. And in this regard I believe that one of the most favorable styles that benefit is brass. The technique of this style and it is shown on this picture. Ending the conversation about the benefits of swimming for the spine, I want to encourage You, dear friends, do not ignore swimming for the prevention and restoration of our backs and to do it always, when possible. Because the benefits of swimming for the spine just undeniable.