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Sweating with exertion and intense sports activities what to do


Each time, doing sports, there is sweating with a small load, and it is considered quite normal. Most athletes, even the most hardened, after Jogging on a treadmill wipe the sweat from his brow.

Sometimes because of the weight gain increased sweating troubled man: slow when walking, slight physical exertion, and sometimes even without them. Is this normal, and then how to deal with excessive sweating of the body?

Features of the mechanism of sweating

Very often people who wish to drop a couple of extra pounds, wondering what to do with abundant sweating. Here you need to immediately determine whether there is any cause profuse sweating without physical load (physiological feature of your body), or it manifests in intense sports activities.

In the second case, there may be sweating more than other sports, and this, again, would be subject to significantly greater than normal weight. Otherwise, most likely, the cause is a disease hyperhidrosis.

Before talking about how to cure sweating, it should be noted that the process of sweating is a mechanism in the human body.

It consists of a huge number of sweat and sebaceous glands. located deep in the skin and in subcutaneous adipose tissue.

These glands are connected with blood vessels and nerve endings, and “signal” them on moderate or intense the production of sweat. In turn, the sweating mechanism provides one of the most important functions of the body – cooling, protecting it from overheating. That is why you may experience heavy sweating during light load, or intense sports activities.

Also, this “mechanism” can respond to various stimuli: the temperature change of the external environment to the internal emotional turmoil. But the biggest problem for modern man is that excessive sweating as a result of the reaction of sweat glands on the factors listed above that can be unpredictable, which is very prevents to feel confident in the society.

In people there is an opinion that sweating removes the fat. Let’s see, is there a place for this statement that exits through the sweat, or is it simply a myth. Let’s start with that the intensity of sweating is primarily a physiological peculiarity of each person, and therefore the amount of sweat released depends on the body mass index.

Talking about what comes out then, I must say that if you regularly visit the sauna, then with then it will be partially out fat, but it is only in the case of permanent saturation of the organism with a sufficient water level and with significant overweight.

In the case of exercise, the fat glands are not released through sweat, so reducing weight 200-300 grams after workout – a vivid example of fluid loss, which inhibits adipose tissue (the more the body needs to be cooled, the more you sweat).

During exercise fat absorbed by the body as nutrients, and grow in muscle mass. So talk about how does sweating to lose fat is misplaced, and this approval is another debunked myth.

If you notice heavy sweating at low load, for example, when climbing the stairs to the 2nd floor, with a small increase in air temperature and humidity level on the street, or in any other unusual situations when other people do not sweat, to be sure, with such excessive “cooling” necessary to fight.

Otherwise, you may experience chronic form General hyperhidrosis, which, as a rule, often accompanied by a sharp unpleasant smell of sweat, to get rid of which will be almost impossible.

Struggling with excessive sweating

The approach to dealing with sweating should be individualized. If you don’t know how to deal with heavy sweating in your case, then it is recommended to visit a doctor, and if necessary, an endocrinologist or a dermatologist. Of course, there are a number of commonly agreed guidelines, indicating what to do for excessive sweating. but if you have certain ailments they may be useless.

Because excessive sweating may occur on the background of various diseases, the first step is to conduct a full diagnosis. For example, if your weight fluctuates within normal limits, but you notice sweating when walking, most likely “culprit” for this is the failure of the endocrine system, or any endocrine disease.

Turning to the specialist, he needed to tell the essence of the problem, and that excessive sweating occurs even when you start doing minor physical load on the muscles. Will have to remember how long ago this started to happen to you, and where the sweat is secreted in greater number, unless, of course, you don’t worried about perspiration all over the body.

Sometimes to define the disease (typical hyperhidrosis, or any other disease) full-time inspection is very difficult, therefore, to confirm the diagnosis, be prepared to pass a series of required tests (urine and blood, in fact diabetes and its General condition).

If in the course of examination will be diagnosed with any “third party” of the disease, which served as sweating, we will have to treat it instead of the sweat glands. In addition, the doctor based on the results, will be able to prescribe you some medications, or any medical deodorizing means that you never were at a loss, not knowing what helps with sweat.

If you decide to drive away the unwanted subcutaneous fat, it is possible not only to do physical exercise – this helps a douche. It should be noted that this method can be attributed to the list of “universal”, as applied and still douches from sweat.

It is worth noting that from the point of view of giving forms, douche not strengthen your muscles, and will only make the skin more taut, aligning subcutaneous body fat from cellulite “balls”. So, if you have a pre-emptive goal is to lose fat, then you need to exercise, and after a while, when the body is completely “cool”, take a contrast shower.

In order to get rid of sweat, a cold shower should be taken correctly.

It’s kind of a health procedure that has many nuances, without which performance time will be spent simply. Start pouring warm water (temperature should not exceed room more than 10°C) – the body should gradually get used to the water temperature.

After a while, increase the temperature by 10-15°C and so until then, until the body completely rasputitsa and you get used to a temperature of 60-70°C (do not hold, as when the critical temperature of the skin can be blanched). Next you need to make contrast – continue pouring, but the cool water below room temperature at 10°C.

The heating procedure of the body and giving the contrast should be repeated several times. Such a contrast shower not only helps to get rid of excessive sweating, to drive away the unwanted subcutaneous fat but also strengthen the overall health.