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5 simple tips to reduce neck pain


Hello. This article will be helpful for you if you:

sit during the day more than 7 hours (office work)

drive a car for more than 2 hours a day

lead a sedentary life in General

periodically feel dizziness or headache

feel a strong tension in the neck and upper back

I am very pleased that now people want to engage in the health of the spine and realize that the earlier you start doing it, the better. Complaints and requests about the same.

Most often a sore neck (because it is the most mobile region of the spine) and lower back (because it carries the maximum load). Rarely bothered by other things — joints, flexibility, mobility.

Most of my students are working in the office and spend a lot of time at the computer, driving. History repeated constantly, the symptoms are the same — the tension in the neck, stiffness in the shoulders, headache, dizziness, stoop, etc.

People want to feel ease and remove the discomfort from the upper body.

I will tell you 5 simple tips that will help you to reduce

the stress from the neck and shoulder area

You will not hear something radically new, but if we do at least 3 of these recommendations, then after a month, will be significantly better feel.

1. Start the day with physical activity. Find 15 minutes for your health and follow a few easy exercises that will Wake you up and cheer for the whole day. Perfect Pilates, yoga, stretching exercises. Will write for you a few simple workout options — stay tuned for the newsletter.

2. Do not sit long in one position. If you have a sedentary job, try every 45 minutes to change positions and to avoid stagnation in the body (not only in the neck)

3. Use lunchtime for the benefit — go outside and take a walk, do a couple of exercises in the fresh air.

4. Pull the muscles of the neck and upper back during the working day. Every 3 hours to do warm-up in the workplace. You do not represent, but banal turns his head and shoulder roll will be very useful.

5. Reduce time “seat” to the extent possible. For example — avoid watching TV. You will not only free up time for really useful things, but also save the youth of his back.