Clarified butter (Ghee) useful properties for the body and mind
  "One of the most important components of Ayurvedic cooking ghee (or Ghee) is nothing like melted butter, lactose, water and additives (antioxidants and other additives). According to Ayurveda, ghee…

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Scandinavian hadba
  Walking — the most natural form of physical activity, which also allows you to combine business with pleasure. To increase your efficiency during normal walking and to try something…

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Street workout (Street Workout) – not just fitness and a healthy lifestyle!


The promotion of healthy lifestyles Mytishchi municipal area and orientation of youth on multilateral development.

Project description:

The project’s features is the ability to engage any person, even not prepared to exercise. Despite this, the project is also suitable for more experienced athletes, because in practice there are exercises that will develop your physical strength even years after active workouts. In addition, the program can be difficult to add new exercises. Workout is a healthy way of life, which never hurt anyone.

There are four main programs, but they have a lot of complications.

Stage 1, or workout for beginners.

To begin, let’s start with pullups on the bar. Need to catch up as many times as possible, then rest about 3 minutes. Then repeat the tightening — again vacation. Now on to strengthen other muscles. For this we use the parallel bars. You must do push-UPS possible number of times and will be back on the bar.

After that, you should rest for about 5 minutes, then proceed to press. Next, you should repeat the program in the following sequence: pull-UPS – push-UPS on parallel bars, chin – UPS – push-UPS on parallel bars, chin – UPS chin – UPS.

After successful completion of the first day of training you can start to increase the number of pull-UPS.

Stage 2, or a workout training program for permanent use.

Method №1

Is the easiest and the most ineffective program. Its peculiarity is that it has no accepted standards. You can do as many pushups in approach and any number of approaches, as long as the day was done 100-150 push-UPS and pull-UPS. Human muscles tend to adapt to stress and other conditions, therefore, charging and exercises, which are held every day at the same time, more effective. From training discordantly increases the chance of injury, and the muscles do not have time to get used to the new time, which makes the exercise almost useless.

Method №2

Has similarities with option for beginners, but some differences are still there. If the first had to do the maximum amount of pull-UPS and push-UPS, here it needs to be done in the allotted time. In this embodiment, each exercise should be performed three minutes without stopping.

Method №3

Probably the most complicated option for beginners, it may be unavailable. For starters, let’s use the horizontal bar. Must catch up on it about 5 times with one hand. Note: one hand should grip the horizontal bar, the second to grab the forearm, while the distance to the elbow will depend on the complexity of the exercise. The closer the hand to the elbow, the harder it will be brought up.

Next is the exercise of “Lowering”. Need to catch up with two hands, then let go of one hand and gently lowered. Do not do it abruptly, because you can get a sprain. Repeat 6 times. Pulling up is the backbone of any workout program. With its help strengthen the major muscles in the shoulders, chest and arms, making this exercise a universal.

After the usual pulling up on one hand mastered, you can move on to its more complex variant. Now the second hand should hide behind him and not connect it to the process. Tightening should be done smoothly and that you have been able to achieve this, it is possible to include all possible methods of exercises, combining them and thus creating your own personal method of practice workout.