Structural and functional aspects of adaptation of the heart to physical activity
The work was performed at the Department of normal anatomy of the Ternopil state medical Academy In experiment investigated the structural and functional features of the reorganization of the departments…

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What exercise to choose for doma
  Simulators can be divided into two categories: cardio equipment and weights. Strength training is necessary for muscle building, but they can be used and those who want to lose…

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Elliptical trainer for weight loss


To purchase an elliptical trainer for weight loss thought, perhaps, everyone who has seen his ads in teleshopping. The device is credited with truly amazing properties – core strengthening, fat burning, prevention of physical inactivity, improving the shape of the muscles. And, most interestingly, most of these assertions is true. You only need a little bit of self-discipline and the sum from 300.e. However, to do this car can be in every gym. Ellipse or elliptical in almost every club.

Price elliptical trainer for losing weight and the rules of his choice

Strictly speaking, elliptical trainer for weight loss and its price should only be interested in those of us who are able to buy it for home. Today there are budget models, but how to determine what you will be expected to do at home? Specialists usually suggest several criteria:

• you love fitness and can work independently;

• you’re highly motivated –doing of the dream to lose weight, and are sure that will train at least 3-4 times a week for 30-45 minutes;

• you have decided to build a home gym out of convenience – not able to go to a fitness club or do not want to waste time waiting for a free machine;

• have you tried to exercise on an elliptical machine and you liked it

By the way, the elliptical trainer price usually includes the cost of the brand and additional options. Simply put, the simulator, for example, the brand “torneo” will be cheaper than the Cybex, but to have exactly the same function. However, for a good home workout you need only basic functions – the regulation of resistance and clock-stopwatch. If you decide to buy an elliptical trainer for weight loss and not just for healing the whole family, better get to it advanced heart rate monitor with brisket belt. This simple and inexpensive (30.e.) the device will help to measure the load individually and provide maximum fat burning.

Preset programs simulators are usually designed for beginners and get bored quickly. You can find the program of interval training is online and self-study, it is not necessary to set goals for yourself to buy a simulator with training programs.

To buy this machine can be much cheaper in online stores, but to choose an elliptical trainer for weight loss photo which you like most of all is not worth it. Before ordering be sure to find the same model in the nearest sports shop, sports wear shoes and try the car in action. A great trainer must:

• provide a smoother ride, not to give too much of the impact of the handles and pedals, to be gentle and to provide a gradual load increase;

• do not jump and do not vibrate regardless of how fast you go, it will help to avoid problems with neighbors;

• to provide convenient for you personally stride length and stroke of the handles;

• have the ability to repair and warranty service in your city

Do not be guided by the opinion of other people. Elliptical trainer reviews which is not necessarily the most positive is perfect for you. Remember that your comfort depends on the effectiveness of training.

How to use elliptical machine for weight loss

First of all, look online and check out some video lessons on the elliptical trainer, which would not have been carved from advertising. You will see that athletes are fast enough, slightly tilt the body forward and be sure to use the handles, but not having hands on the back line. Let your guide be movement of the skier and not the motion of the runner. And be sure to go on a bit with the legs bent, unbend your knees with an active effort not to get injured.

Beginners quite 30-45 minutes “smooth” cardio at the load of 50-60% of maximum heart rate 3-4 times a week. To calculate heart rate maximum will help simple formula “220-age”. The value obtained should be multiplied by 0.5 and 0, 6, and try to maintain the heart rate during exercise in the specified corridor. Practice regularly and complete the exercises in the elliptical trainer strength training for weight loss to get maximum results.