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Set muscle mass for men


For athletes and Amateur enthusiasts, bodybuilders or “lifting weights” is important not just to train and build muscle . Not just to build muscles by lifting barbells or practice weights. Scientists, physicians, coaches athletes develop comprehensive measures for muscle growth.

Sports nutrition for muscle gain for men is an integral part of the training process of the athlete. In addition to grueling workouts in the gym, sports nutrition plays an important role in the final outcome.

Sports nutrition for muscle gain for men includes the following medications:

• Whey protein casein

• Creatine

• Vitamin mineral complex


• Testosterone boosters

• Glutamine

Let’s try to understand how works on the body any of these drugs.

Protein whey casein

Casein protein (calcium Caseinate) – natural, complex composition, protein formed by the souring of milk to form curd flakes, under the action of enzymes. With this protein, the body is provided by amino acids. It is casein protein, not whey contributes to a slower breakdown of other types of protein, reduces appetite.

In the program of recruitment of muscle mass is taken before bedtime, it helps to slow down the process of catabolism and keeps the muscles from the action of cortisol.


Creatine (creatine) – an amino acid that enters the body with food. Also in the body (liver, kidneys, pancreas) are synthesized on derivatives: arginine, glycine and methionine.

High levels of creatine in the body allows for a long period . an intense workout that “load” the muscles and enables their growth and increase in volume. The muscles are able to store creatine in larger quantities than required by the body. Bodybuilders use this property of muscle for “inflating” their creatine. Creatine is produced in the quality of sports nutrition for men in pure form, and flavorings.

Vitamin-mineral complex

Vitamin and mineral complex is needed in any physical training large loads. With the help of a balanced combination of vitamins, micro and macroelements, compensated for their losses during exercise, strengthens the immune system, stabilizes the psycho-emotional state, stress.

Vitamins as active biological compounds necessary for the functioning of the body. The amount of vitamins from food is insufficient, some vitamins are synthesized in the body. The basic amount of vitamins needed by the body, taken in the form of a vitamin complex.

Micro and macro elements (minerals) are involved in muscle activity, the process of protein synthesis, the recovery of cells, regulation of metabolic processes.


BCAAs – Branched-chain amino acids, the branched chain amino acids. So what is BCAA? BCAA’s are the three amino acids: leucine, isoleucine and valine, are United in one complex.

• Leucine is the amino acid that contribute to the creation and growth of protein molecules

• Isoleucine – essential amino acid involved in the synthesis of hemoglobin and processes provide energy

• Valine is a branched amino acid. It is included in virtually all proteins. The name is derived from the Valerian plant. Participates in the process of muscle metabolism, exchange reaction of nitrogen. Stimulates tissue repair.

The BCAA complex is the basic “building muscle material”, in biochemical composition of muscle tissue they occupy the third part. Amino acids BCAAs are involved in:

• Metabolism – the process of metabolism, the biochemical transformations that occur in the body as a result of exposure to various substances such as vitamins, proteins, carbohydrates, fiber, medicines, etc.

• Anabolism is the metabolic process aimed at the construction of cells and tissue growth

• Slows down the process of catabolism, which flows parallel to the anabolism. Catabolism is a metabolic process in which complex biochemical compounds are broken down into simple and interact with each other, or excreted. The energy released in the decomposition process is used for muscular work and the vital processes of the body

These three amino acids are not synthesized by the human body and come with food or in dietary supplements. For a “bodybuilder” BCAA complex is used as the primary fuel for muscular work.

As sports nutrition for building muscle for men . complex BCAA has an effect:

• Protects muscle tissue from the process of disintegration of cells

• Increases the amount of muscle mass

• Helps to reduce adipose tissue

• Increases strength

Testosterone boosters

Testosterone boosters are biologically active substances, developed on the basis of natural ingredients (herbs, grasses). Cause increased production of male sex hormone testosterone, which affects male sexual function (increases sexual desire), promotes muscle growth, increase energy forces to work.

Testosterone boosters recommended for men . have a stable hormonal environment, i.e. after 18-20 years.


Glutamine – an amino acid that is part of the protein. Glutamine is an essential amino acid and is synthesized in the human body, in sufficient quantity comes with food of plant and animal origin.

Glutamine is widely used as dietary supplements to sports nutrition for building muscle for men . dealing with bodybuilding and powerlifting. The main directions of influence of glutamine on the body:

• Energy function – glutamine serves as a supplier of glucose during prolonged intensive training

• Anabolic function – glutamine accelerates protein synthesis in muscle tissue

• Anti-catabolic function – glutamine prevents the destruction of protein molecules and starts recovery functions for “damaged” tissues

In short article, it is difficult to reveal the mechanism of action of drugs on the body to increase muscle mass . We have tried to highlight the main aspects of the impact of drugs on the body. In any case, the drugs as sports nutrition should choose a trainer, an experienced consultant with the seller or sports doctor.

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