The best Breakfast after a workout
  American scientists conducted a study to find out what foods and drinks help to restore strength and energy expended during exercise. American experts say: to feed. One serving of…

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Clarified butter (Ghee) useful properties for the body and mind
  "One of the most important components of Ayurvedic cooking ghee (or Ghee) is nothing like melted butter, lactose, water and additives (antioxidants and other additives). According to Ayurveda, ghee…

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Summer detox


In the process of doing a 40-day criii you may have a variety of unusual sensations. All individually, and someone exercises will be fun, but for others it can be a living hell. So you found the strength not to give up playing, I want to explain something.

In yoga, as in fitness, there are two types of practice — supporting and provoking. Support — it is all that comfortable to perform from the beginning. Most people intuitively choose classes according to this principle. Can be wrung out twenty times — that’ll do push-UPS and twenty, but in any case not thirty. This practice is calm and pleasant, but it does not change the person. Doing thus, you’ll be almost the same as they always were.

Another thing — provoking practice. It’s a load to deal with difficult, unpleasant or even painful. For a long time, it may not actually bring any pleasure. Why is it necessary? Then, she provokes a person to demonstrate the quality that he is not typical.

Provoking practice: what it is

Let’s say you suffer from excess weight. This brings you your lifestyle: you drive to work, sitting in the car, then you sit eight hours at your Desk again sit in the car, and in the evening — on the couch watching TV or in social networks. If so, no diet will not help you lose weight: to correct the situation, you need to change something in your life. To begin the evening hold is active, let alone anyone else. But to do this, you need to overcome internal resistance. And that is what pushes us provoking practice.

Performing the Kriya, you can such resistance to feel. It may seem that it’s all too hard, that it’s not for you that the exercises you are not suitable… This is a good sign — you are faced with a provocative practice. I understand that even among active audience of the club “LIVE!” not everyone will be able to immediately perform 108 “Frogs”. It is hard for you? So, we move in the right direction, ladies and gentlemen!

Someone will refuse provoking practice with the words: “In life we must always do what you like”. But I repeat: we are talking about two different approaches. If you everything in your life is like, then keep doing what you like. But if you want to change something, to fight and change, continuing the practice of yoga!

Overcome laziness can help one simple method. Often we fear appears before a long workout. For example, knowing that Kriya lasts an hour, the man passes before going to devote a whole hour of yoga. Use the “five minutes”. You sincerely wish to dedicate a practice only five minutes instead of hours. It’s easy. You sit down and make one or two small exercises and all — anyone can do that. Then there are several variants of development of events: starting a practice, you will not want to stop, either you discipline yourself to get back on the Mat more often on these pleasant five-minute. In any case the benefits will be obvious. In detox the Kriya take and do only the first three exercises, and then do what you want. When the mood — follow these three. Even this is much better than to give up and give up playing.

New recommendations for summer detox — exactly one week!