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And if you throw a workout


Many people after active workouts at the gym training in the gym or at home get tired and decide to stop doing. And then they have questions to answer which we will try in this article.

So, the most troubling question that arises before the person, build muscle mass, but do not turn this mass into fat after we leaving to do?

The answer is ambiguous. When you are actively engaged, then you alter your figure, you have muscle mass. When you stop exercising, then your body goes

back to the state it was in before practice, that is, if you were a man, soon he will be fat, but if you were skinny, then your muscle mass is reduced.

Although the muscles will never disappear. You can always tell a man who has long been engaged in sports. But here’s the catch: it’s all about metabolism! People who play sports, you need to eat well. And when they leave classes, instead of people with beautiful muscles remain formless bouncers. This is because after they have thrown the exercise of their habit have a lot left, that is, the calories are coming from, but not burned. And the result of this, everybody knows!

If you combined workout with breathing exercises, you might notice an improvement in the work of the heart and blood vessels. And, of course, if you quit, your results will decline. But do not be afraid, he’s not completely disappear! Of course, after you stop training you will lose a lot, although it depends also on personal physical activity. Therefore, if you are well trained, your results will not fall much even if you for a couple of months left of classes.

If you talk separately about aerobics, it helps the body in absorbing oxygen, transporting it to the fabric and to oxidize the desired substance. And if you are a good athlete, then your value is the result of severely will fall within three weeks, although then this would get slower and slower. But if you’re trained not so good, is the opposite: within twenty days of your result almost no drops, and then drops sharply down and reaches a very low level!

In addition, aerobics help to increase the size of the heart, but it is still not known, whether there is a stable or falls that result after you quit sports. But the filling pulse varies considerably. Scientists have found that after twelve days the size of the filling is reduced by ten percent, and two weeks to twelve percent! This is because the reduced blood volume and plasma, which was further enhanced by the training.

And, of course, when you throw exercise, willpower, endurance and skill is greatly reduced. Even the most experienced and well physically trained athletes lose their experience. For example, swimmers after four weeks lose thirteen percent of its maximum force. And runners after fifteen weeks level of strength endurance is reduced by twenty-five percent! In General, any athlete after he stopped training, has much to lose. This can not be avoided! So you need to think very hard whether it is worth to give up exercise! If circumstances were such that you by no means impossible to combine sport with those circumstances, instead of active training, you can begin to do exercises or buy a simulator at home and little to do.

To make a choice only you! It is important not to make mistakes!