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The dosage of physical exercises morning exercises


In the first, introductory part, we have read the General regulations. In the second part we will focus on the selection of individual loads in a self-build a complex of physical exercises for morning exercises .

The criteria described below dosages are loads of physical exercises morning exercises is quite versatile. They can be used for dosing load-morning exercises for kids. Naturally, wannaa charging for boys is different from a morning exercise for girls a set of exercises, but the criteria applicable in all cases – it only changes the set of set of

exercises for morning exercises, the number and intensity of exercise.

Usually consider that the dosage the morning exercise is to determine the number of repetitions of exercise or durations of time. This is true only in part, and if not consider other parties of the concept of “dosage”, it can lead to serious errors.

The number of repetitions of individual exercises for morning exercise is undoubtedly an important measure of the extent of the load, but it depends on many factors, and in particular off the pace and nature of the exercise. Let us consider a simple example of such a popular exercise for complex morning exercises, like the squat.

At very slow squat leg muscles perform the hard work of force. If a little to accelerate the pace of squats, just to bring it up to slow, the muscles work easier. If we continue to accelerate the pace, the load may rise again and become very significant; at a very fast pace working the leg muscles will speed-power character.

Load of sit-UPS may vary from the original provisions of the amplitude (proprietary and full), of the method of execution (on the toes or the feet), from various hand movements that accompany squats, etc.

However, the most favourable number of repetitions depends not only on the nature of the work of the muscles and the selected tempo. Because each person may feel better, then worse not only for a long time, but in the course of the day. Feel in the morning may also be different, and the body in different ways will respond to the same load. That’s why every gymnastics must learn to measure the load depending on health.

When describing exercises provide guidance on the number of repetitions, but to use them it is only necessary the first time, did not as yet have the skill dosing for health. This skill is not acquired immediately. We must carefully and patiently to analyze your health and catching sensations in the process of execution of an exercise of a set of morning exercises. Below are some basic guidelines that can be used in self-definition payloads.

The landmark first. Exercise easily performed and with the same ease over. Exercise with a similar load, has a weak effect on the body. Acquires meaning only the sum effect of all exercise complex morning exercises . Morning exercise with this load is suitable for undergoing one or another disease, for first time beginners to be hired as a gymnastics in the morning and still do not know their capabilities, and on doctor’s orders.

The second landmark is the number of iterations in which the ease of implementation was gradually replaced by a small voltage that leaves a feeling of pleasant fatigue. This load is well such a rush in the mornings or after a day of rest and allows to some extent to preserve the existing level of physical development.

The load from the entire set of exercises with as many repetitions of each exercise is appropriate for those people who has expressed signs of weakening of the organism, or for those who have regained their health after an illness, but not enough to drastically change to heavy loads, the usual before the disease.

Benchmark the third is the number of iterations, which requires a significantly severe stress, but leaves confidence in the availability of several repetitions. In other words, light tension has changed considerable, but for a while, and fatigue in working muscles though and tangible, but can be easily removed by muscle relaxation and recreation. Typically, such load is accompanied by consciousness done but not limiting. The total load at a dose of morning exercises this method allows to support physical development at the appropriate level; it is available to all healthy people, promotes the growth of indexes of physical development.

The landmark fourth — the number of repetitions of different exercises for morning exercises, which is only slightly less than the maximum possible. The last repetition require willpower and big muscle strains.

To focus on this burden to the elderly and dernirement people can’t. An exception may be only selected exercises, which occupied a small muscle group. For example, compression and unclasping of hands, movement of the foot, and some others.

Says it all about the dosage is a minimum of knowledge necessary for anyone who is independently engaged in daily physical exercise.

The instructions about the dosage of different exercises sometimes at odds with common basic instructions. In each complex there are always exercises that more than others, give to understand about health at the moment and thus indicate the need to increase or decrease the load, is the exercise performed by a large mass of muscles. In the complex of morning gymnastics in bed, for example, such an exercise is flexion at the hip (foot). It allows you to determine the physical condition of the body in the morning. If every day to make but 8 – 10 leg swings, this morning, at 4 – 6th Mahe, is found a lethargy, limited to Mach, fatigue, etc. – feeling worse than usual.

Learn how to measure the load by being tough but affordable to everyone. It requires effort and time, but pays off huge beneficial influence of exercise

One of the significant features of the described set of exercises morning exercises is to consistent sets of exercises, which involved gradually fit. This creates favorable conditions for determination of samodzielny, because it is permanent, familiar and well-learned exercises easier to capture surpluses or deficiencies in the load.

The self-improvement of physical exercises there is no limit. Samodzielna in this regard is no exception. Gradually, with experience, we should all abandon counting the number of repetitions of exercises complex morning exercises, because the count always to some extent prevails over the mind and takes away from the optimal rules that are trapped in the subtle sensations of loads during morning exercises. This should move gradually.