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What is treadmill Types of treadmills


Treadmill is the most popular trainer from the group of cardio. Workouts on treadmills help to strengthen the cardiovascular, respiratory and nervous system, develop core muscles, fast to lose weight. In their principle of action of treadmills can be of two types: mechanical and electric drive. Below we compare all their detailed characteristics and features.

Motorized treadmill

The treadmill of such simulators has no drive. It is driven due to the muscular effort of the athlete. This principle allows to realistically simulate natural running. Mechanical treadmills can vary depending on the braking system and the resistance of the tape. Motorized treadmill with magnetic braking and load differ from conventional models with smoother movement of the tape. Magnetic trainers, unlike standard mechanical felt the slight jerks while running. With a simple mechanical drive can control the speed of running their own efforts. You will always run with optimal speed without overloading the body. All models of treadmills with a mechanical type of resistance is absolutely no need of electricity, which makes them very profitable. Due to the lack of engine and on-Board computer, they are light weight, excellent compactness and relatively low price.

Electric treadmills

Tape electric treadmills is moving through the motor. The athlete need only to select a desired speed and start the training. This is a definite advantage in comparison with manual treadmills. The range of available speeds dependent on engine power. Machines with electric drive differ maximally smooth swing, which makes running more comfortable. It is also unquestionable advantage is the availability of the onboard computer. This can help to monitor the progress of classes, and select the required settings directly while running. Powerful electronics system and special sensors shows the current status of the body and gives the possibility of choosing between multiple user programs and operating modes. This functionality makes the classes very effective and interesting.

Built-in computer tracks has the following possibilities:

Security system

All treadmills with electric drive is equipped with a special security key. During training, one end of the cord is attached to the security key and the other to the belt of the athlete. In case of a sudden fall of man the walking belt is stopped immediately. This system makes activities as safe as possible. Some machines have sensors that replace the cord.

Treadmills are also divided according to their purpose and can be for home and commercial use.

Home treadmills

These treadmills are created specially for those who has no time for trips to the stadium or gym. These simulators will help to regain perfect shape and improve your health, engaging in your own home. This type of treadmills include both mechanical and units with electric. In us is a wide range of treadmills for home from the best brands: ALILIFE. Atemi. BODY SCULPTURE. DFC. KETTLER. TORNEO .