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Why breathe when running mouth it correctly


Make a point of clarification, in this article I am considering running for beginners. So let’s figure out how to breathe while running for beginners. Since I’m not a professional runner, and in professional running has its own specifics.

First, let’s understand how you can breathe while running. And then logically select the most correct option.

How to breathe while running:

To breathe through the nose

To breathe through the mouth

Breathe count the steps, type 2 step inhale, 2 times exhale

And dozens option of breathing often with exotic names

There are many ways, but it is important to understand what gives breathing while running:

Saturation of the body with oxygen;

The more oxygen, the longer you can run;

The more oxygen, the quieter pulse, and hence the heart is not strained;

The more oxygen, the stronger the pleasure of running. In my opinion, the most important thing!

What types of breathing meet all stated objectives?

Answer unequivocally, only mouth breathing . It is blowing air through the mouth you can get the highest possible percentage of oxygen. Through the nose so don’t breathe. Again let me remind you, I mean beginner. That is, the person who has a priori weak lungs, and not the trained muscles. For us “dummies” in running, in no event it is impossible to use complex breathing techniques. We run we really can’t. If you think about all the nuances, to receive pleasure from running just won’t have time.

Breathing through the mouth allows not to choke when the running load. So, the heart will have to work steadily and without overloads. If so, we will be able to run longer and the body will get more benefit. For beginning runners is contraindicated to experience oxygen starvation. IT’S JUST DANGEROUS!!

We conclude — to breathe through the mouth while running is the right and best approach.

I always try to look for the roots in one or another issue. Learn to throw away the husk, which in the subject of running, as in the topic slimming very much. Plus have a fairly well developed logical thinking (who would have me praise if I don’t).

All this enables me with confidence to say: while running, you should breathe through the mouth and not to worry your pretty little head about whether it’s right or not. Our body has the unique ability to adjust all systems under the stresses arising. For the beginner with its initial level of training, the body itself will choose the optimal variant of breathing. If the person himself will not be in his way. Despite the desire of the novice runner to do everything on science, he won’t be able to use the full power of their lungs, corny they are not yet developed.

By yourself noticed, as soon as you begin to follow the breath, it starts failing, the heart begins to crack, and his side hurts (another clue about the pain in my side in the last article ).

One tip: Try to take deep breaths, starting from the lower abdomen.

If you start to choke move one step and restore breathing. Like in school, remember? Hands up inhale, exhale arms down.

Run with pleasure. Breathe easily through his mouth. It is the main criterion. Skills, technique will come later.

Good Luck To You. Change. Look for yourself. Encourage her. Love.

Add photos of their runs with the hashtag: #srunfh100

See you on the treadmill.

Your motivator, Roman Zolotarev

From experience I’ll tell you why to breathe through the mouth it is correct. For a beginner is to breathe through the mouth optimal varinat