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How to lose weight at the gym


Now becoming more and more popular hikes in the gym. If before there were mostly engaged in young muscular guys, in recent years, simulators are increasingly seen female body: the fair sex are trying to adjust the weight using the power loads.

Unlike men, ladies prefer not to gain muscle mass and to burn fat deposits and decrease their volumes. Naturally, primarily female interested in how to lose weight at the gym, to build up the muscles and make them firmer . And is it possible to lose weight doing power exercises?

Experienced coaches emphasize that to reduce weight only by using simulators will not work. For effective weight loss you need to follow some rules:

Alternate training in the gym with aerobic exercise (running, swimming, jumping rope, etc.);

Pick up an effective exercise equipment for weight loss and not muscle;

Observe a balanced diet;

It is desirable to have a home trainer for weight loss – if you skip a workout, there is always the opportunity to work out at home.

You should not engage in independent action for training it is better to choose a special set with the help of an experienced coach. Doing haphazard, it is possible to achieve quite the opposite result: women have often observed a typical error – they pumped up shoulders and arms instead of effectively burn fat.

How to lose weight at the gym . To begin with, we will find the most effective of these units.

What trainers slimming most effective?

If you decide to lose weight then strength training, using weights, should be avoided. Anyway, at first, until your body does not acquire the lightness and slimness. Then you can adjust the body, complementing training exercises on weight machines.

And while our figure is still far from ideal, pay attention to the most effective exercise machines for weight loss . what are available in almost every fitness club. So, what trainers really to lose weight:




Rowing machine;


On the treadmill and the exercise bike know everything, but about the last three simulators describe in more detail.


How to lose weight on the simulator type “Orbitrek” you will tell the coach at the club . and here about its effectiveness, you can just say: it works! And all because the ellipsoid allows to involve almost all the muscle groups. Unlike stationary bike and treadmill, when they mainly work the muscles of the lower body portion, the ellipsoid evenly distributes the load throughout the body. Therefore, burn more calories, and therefore fat.

The rowing machine.

This unit simulates the rowing oars. Active movements of the rowers allow you to burn maximum amount of calories, but the muscle load is distributed unevenly: the bulk of it falls on the muscles of the shoulders, arms and back. Women with massive back and shoulders, to lose weight on the simulator as “Rowing” will be quite difficult, as they risk increase in these problem areas. It is perfect for ladies with pear shapes and having fat deposits on waist. To remove belly fat a simulator that simulates rowing, helps better than everyone else.


This simulator is very hardy people. Exercises on it such conquest of Everest – the simulator simulates rock climbing. It is also an effective exercise machine for weight loss and as an ellipsoid, but is not for everyone. To do in climber people with spinal problems and joint pain.

Home fitness equipment for weight loss

What trainers slimming can use at home? When choosing home gyms pay attention to the following characteristics:



Ease of use;

Mobility (if home trainer for weight loss you need to carry).

Compactness – rate, which is important only for small apartments, so pay attention to it is necessary only to those who have limited space.

Efficiency is the most important indicator not only for home exercise equipment for weight loss, but also for all machines health in General . If the simulator does not help in achieving the goal, so he picked up incorrectly.

Ease of use – as a trainer for weight loss comfortable and functional, and classes on it will either be fun, or not. If the machine is too heavy for you, or, conversely, does not give the required load on the problem areas, the effectiveness of training will be reduced to zero. How to lose weight on the simulator, if you do it uncomfortable? The efficiency of such a machine will be negligible.

Mobility is an important indicator for those who do not have a permanent place for training. In this case, you need quite a light and compact rowing machine that can be easily hidden or moved to another room.

Among pet simulators the most popular for weight loss are:

Stepper – effectively burns fat on the thighs, buttocks, trains your calf muscles, promote deep breathing;

Compact exercise equipment for abs trains your abdominal muscles and back muscles;

Fitball (ball for fitness);

The rotating disk is the the best exercise to remove belly fat, to give the body a slimmer and firmer ;

Gymnastic Hoop (hula Hoop) – well coached abdominal muscles and the lumbar spine.

Of course, doing only one of the simulators, to remove belly fat and extra inches on the waist, but as an additional means of slimming and body shaping home gym equipment is very good.

How to lose weight at the gym: circuit training

The most important thing is to choose the right set of exercises and draw up a plan of training. A personal trainer will do the task better, but the inaccessibility of services you can use the basic guidelines below.

Classes are held three times a week: Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Monday – treadmill.

1. Random warm-up for 10-15 minutes.

2. Training on the treadmill at a medium pace – about 20-25 minutes. You can use this machine for weight loss as a base for walking (obesity, diseases of the joints, weak heart).

3. Breathing exercise – 20-30 minutes.

4. A relaxation exercise – 10 minutes.

Wednesday – rowing machine.

1. Warm – up-10-15 minutes.

2. Lesson rowing machine for 20 to 30 minutes (depending on your condition).

3. Bench press press.

4. Breathing exercises – 20 minutes.

5. Relaxation – 10 minutes.

Friday – workout on the exercise bike.

1. Warm – up-10-15 minutes.

Between each stage it is necessary to take short breaks of 2-3 minutes to restore breathing. Training is best done in 1.5-2 hours after a meal and the first meal after school should be no earlier than an hour.