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Effective physical activity for those who are over 40


Today I want to share a method that I use to maintain their physical form. The fact is that many people think that 44 years is the age when one is too early to think about age-related problems. To be honest, I thought exactly that when I was 30+ :-). I’m not saying that this is the age when you begin to overcome all sorts of ailments. But, to treat their health, in my opinion, it is necessary more carefully. I want to emphasize that all of what I write, I apply to myself.

Yes it is, a sport and I put him first. No matter what kind of physical

training you have, after 40 exercise just needed. It is said “the Movement — life.” I’m not saying that we should run to the gym and start to exercise to exhaustion.It helps to just start walking 2-3 times a week, for about an hour.

A few months ago, first began to walk, and then gradually connect running. But in one of the classes when Jogging, I felt pain in my right knee. At the time, long ago, when I was seriously engaged in sports, it’s the knee was injured, but not made itself felt all these years, but as they say nothing lasts forever……

Week 3 could neither ascend nor descend the stairs, went to the doctor complaining that my age was prescribed some pain pills, sent to physical therapy (which I never got) and said type to do nothing, they say there will be severe pain drink tablets. Pain is pain, but you have to keep yourself in shape. Unfortunately, I live in the city where almost direct simply do not exist and have to walk the descent-ascent, and with a bum knee especially not run.

Lately, when we have some problem or question, we first turn to our friend Google, who has the answer to almost any question. To unsubscribe from sports, in this situation, I didn’t want. And that’s when my question about the pain in my knees, I found mention of «Nordic walking» (Nordic walking) – walking with sticks. Prosherstila the Internet, for the topic, I thought why not.

First, I decided to order walking sticks online, but unfortunately the delivery time in a month somehow not quite satisfied, and I went into a tourist shop and bought it (though not quite sure what they are specifically for Nordic walking, but they are telescopic and in principle such as described on all the sites on the walk).

Slowly began to engage in “Nordic walking”, of course with a bandaged injured knee. Of course, knee pain much in the way during class, especially the first 20 minutes, but gradually the pain recedes. After about a month, I felt that the joints on the legs became stronger and the pain was noticeably less.

Here are the sticks «Nordic walking»

A bit I want to draw your attention to the “ Nordic walking ”. Why this kind of walk?

1. Effectiveness in the classroom «Nordic walking». When you use this type the person involved in the work 90% of the muscles. Synopsis: when simply running the percentage of involved muscle is approximately 70.Naturally, with such muscle, the amount of calories burned also increases.

2. «Nordic walking» recommended by doctors to combat obesity, improve blood circulation and strengthen the cardiovascular system,improve the work of all internal organs. Reference: the average weight loss over 12 weeks, with 2-3 single lessons per week (1 hour),is 2.4 kg.

3. When doing “Nordic walking” there are no contraindications . The only condition, proper load calculation. Synopsis: it is believed that the correct choice of load, this is when you can keep talking without choking.

4. A significant reduction of load on the spine . during the walk. Tested at 100% on yourself. By the way one feature. At a time when I was really into sports, I, like many, had a few injuries. One of them is a crack in the spine. Of course injuries do not just pass and at some point you start to let them know. Now, when I have previously had attacks of pain in the spine (osteochondrosis), I lay on the applicator, was smeared with ointments, went to the special zone.As you understand all it is certainly good, but ineffective.What’s the solution? Walking, friends, and just walking.If not «North», then just walk away. Again I don’t write about what was not tried by myself.If you have lower back pain, insulate it and slowly start to go, even «no» and you will see improvement, the pain recedes.

5. Accessibility . To practice “Nordic walking” do not need any special platform or structure, does not require any special skills or prior training. The only need is that poles themselves and comfortable shoes.

What about the technology

In the video, which I at the end of the article, you can see the proper technique. But from personal experience I can say — not zaparivaytes the correct technique. The main thing to start, and your reflexes will determine how you correct to go. Remember «The Main Thing Is The Movement».

If you want to keep yourself in good physical shape, then my advice to you, start with though small, but very useful, exercise — «Nordic walking». If you have any, questions are welcome in comments.

The video with the technique of walking.