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Proven tips. How to preserve vision when working at the computer


How to preserve vision . working on the computer . it is worth considering now. ‘re not observing these rules when working at the computer, you can easily lose vision.

Today’s computer user is definitely much safer to spend long hours at the computer unlike things that happened 5-10 years ago. CRT monitors (the basis of which was a Cathode-Ray Tube) mercilessly nuked and put the vision to all who have been compelled by duty or addiction, spending most of his time near them.

Modern methods of image display, such as LCD, plasma, OLED monitors, projectors, and much gentler to the eyes of man. But, unfortunately, the vision not only spoils the radiation monitor, and other factors. How to neutralize these factors and save your eyesight when working at the computer and we’ll talk.

Tips that will help to preserve vision when working at the computer

Your workplace

Must be positioned so that the monitor you saw one in the farthest corners of the room. This periodically will help you to translate a sight from the screen is in close proximity to remote objects, thus, training the eye muscles, letting them relax. To sit facing the wall, as it becomes clear, is not desirable. This position you are depriving yourself of the opportunity once again to change the focusing of the eye.

glare on the screen should not be

Glare can be from the window, bright lights and other reflected in your monitor items.

At first glance, safe phenomenon that actually makes your eyes and mind, to be in dual voltage, diverting attention. A good decision in this issue is a matte monitor. But the matte monitor to the end does not solve the problem. Move the monitor itself or the actual flare, pull that window shades or blinds. If you work in an office, most likely you are missing. In this case, use anti-glare screen.

Workstation lighting

Despite the fact that in the workplace you must deal with all sources of glare, the lighting quality from should not suffer. For anybody not a secret that working at the computer and watching TV in a dark room, much more tiring on the eyes than well lit.

Good reception is the use of the workspace lighting floor lamps and fixtures, such as sconces, light which is scattered, heading for the ceiling and walls.

If in parallel with the computer you’re working with paper documents, be sure to illuminate their table lamp. Place the lamp so that it is lighting the paper did not Shine in your eyes and do not cause glare.

This is with regard to the organization of the working space. Now about how to preserve vision when working at the computer . with a few tricks.

blink in time

Try to pay attention to how often you blink, working on the computer. If the interval between blinks more than 3-4 seconds, then have to work on myself. The fact is that sitting at the computer and focusing on work, people very often less involuntary blinking. For this reason, the eyes dry up, not getting the desired moisture while blinking and appears redness, sensation of sand in eyes.

Yourself to see how often you blink, not a simple task. You either forget that you need to follow the blinking of their eyes, either, with this in mind, blinking with unnatural frequency.

To exit from this situation, I propose to use a video camera or webcam that records your actions. Turn on the entry and work within one to two hours. After review the record and draw conclusions.

Computer glasses

There are many types of computer glasses, which help to preserve vision when working at the computer to reduce eye strain.

If you don’t wear glasses with lenses – this is another reason to think about buying computer glasses, because to preserve the eyesight is much easier than to restore it .

In addition, for people suffering, for example, myopia, also produces eyewear, which combines both the focusing lens and protects from the effects of the monitor properties.

To translate the view of distant objects

In order to preserve vision when working at the computer every 5 minutes, distract your attention on the objects, situated on the most remote from the computer distance. Focus on distant objects for about half a minute, and then get to work. This workout is much more effective than is often proposed five-minute breaks once an hour, it not just relieves strain on the eyes and won’t even let him appear.

cold water

And another good tip, preserving the eyesight while working with the computer is the cold water. Every hour take a little break to wash/rinse your eyes with cold water.

This procedure will moisten the surface of the eye, relieve tension and stimulate blood vessels in the eyes.

Watch your health. Be healthy!