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How to remove belly fat after giving birth


After the child’s birth mother devoting most of my time to the baby and sometimes you forget about yourself, your health and your appearance. But to do so is strictly prohibited. You have to be harmonious, to feel good and to look compelling. So it ’ s the calling of every woman.

Anyway, after birth, each held mommy needs time to return to the previous form. Cherished dream of lying-in women – to get rid of belly after birth. He for the 9 months of carrying a child was stretched, twisted, and all became on the places that need more than one month.

Many women after the birth of a baby standing in front of the mirror and understand: with the figure you need something to do, and it ’ s urgent. Why resort to radical methods – harmful diets and starvation. But doing this does not need, especially those who are breast-feeding a baby. The maximum weight that doctors are allowed to dump young mothers after childbirth – 600 grams per month. It is better to do this through a balanced diet. Nutritionists advise to be patient and not to hurry. Radical methods – not the best way to solve the problem. The woman’s body to get used to the pregnant condition, need 8-9 months, and the same need to recover after giving birth. To expedite the return of good form and great tummy will help balanced diet and correct physical exercises.

Proper nutrition after birth

In the first weeks after the baby is born you must properly allocate your time. Eating schedule need not only the child but also to you. If you break your mode, then it will catch up and eat some sandwiches and sweets. Forget about it! Better stock up in advance of fruit and vegetables. Make more servings of healthy food and put them in the freezer or fridge. And even during the day can eat almonds-these nuts are quite nutritious. Eat foods rich in vitamins and minerals: cereal, muesli with yogurt and fruit. All of this can be prepared in advance and stored at home. These products will add you strength and enrich depleted vitamins, and most importantly, will not allow you to overeat, therefore, your stomach will not stretch without stopping.

Another tip: even under stress drink more plain water. It will help flush the body of harmful substances.

Important tip-don’t fill up immediately. Eat small portions but often. Here is the recipe for the best looks and perfect health. And tidy the health of your intestines. Because of improper foods you may be bloating. Consequently, considerable abdomen, because the skin after birth stretch.

Nutrition diet, but you also need the right exercise — and then everything will fall into place. Loading and so tired the body is not necessary. Start with right away, walking with a stroller. Conquer first the small distance (700-800 meters), and then every week, add another half a kilometer. But note that the meaning not in the walk, but how you do it. How hard would you not, straighten your back and pull your stomach. This posture over time should be fixed.

How to remove belly fat after delivery at home

Healthy nutrition. breastfeeding and wearing postpartum brace help to resume close to antenatal physical form, including to remove belly fat after giving birth. But the process went faster and be more productive, you will have to exert more physical effort. Conveniently, you can engage in at home, because to go to the gym now virtually impossible.