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Clarified butter (Ghee) useful properties for the body and mind


“One of the most important components of Ayurvedic cooking ghee (or Ghee) is nothing like melted butter, lactose, water and additives (antioxidants and other additives). According to Ayurveda, ghee is one of the most sattvic (virtuous) food. It enhances all kinds of Agni, increase energy, digestive processes and the action of enzymes in the body without initiating Pitta dosha and not clogging up the liver as other oils and fats, and opposite, giving force”.

Ghee is a Sanskrit term for melted butter. Ghee – purified butter, it

contains no lactose and other milk residues (therefore, this oil is suitable for people who are lactose-intolerant). Butter ghee is considered to be the most useful for cooking, as it helps to improve digestion and also improves complexion.

Butter ghee is very nutritious and, as many studies show, if consumed in moderation, will not increase the level of cholesterol in the blood.

Ghee has other benefits:

Ghee contains antioxidant vitamin E, and is the only edible oil that contains vitamin A. Antioxidants help to prevent the oxidation of lipids, causing atherosclerosis and DNA damage in cells.

Ghee contains from 4 to 5 percent linoleic acid, essential fatty acids, which ensures the growth and development of tissues and organs of the body. “Essential fatty acid” means that the body cannot produce this acid and for proper operation, it must obtain it from food.

Ghee stays fresh for three to four months, even at room temperature, it does not become rancid and oxidized.

Butter ghee does not burn when frying. This is a very big advantage, as vegetable oil and butter in combustion become carcinogenic, create free radicals, and are difficult to digest.

According to the Vedic knowledge, butter ghee also has a subtle effect:

Ghee is manifesting through the sun energy, which heals the body and soul.

Ghee gives joy. RA — joyful — sun — a wishing of joy to others.

Gives the strength to act, so is the main male product. Accordingly, husband eats ghee, depends on the prosperity of the family.

Warms the body and soul. Man becomes good, which is very important for the family.

Cleanses and this is the Absolute Truth. Burns the toxins directly into the body through a combination of oil and spices (masala).

Gives you power to understand the laws of the world, this clears the mind of illicit desires and makes it very strong.

The mind is cleared of foul language.

Cleansing the area, if you light an oil lamp. The effect will be like in the apartment, all the Windows facing the sun.

The mind is cleansed of the desire to speculate on philosophical topics.

Cleans from the desire of unlawful sexual contact.

Protects from contact with polluted personalities, becoming a kind of protection for the whole day. This is especially necessary for children and women. The man, in turn, will be difficult to put the eye on the side.

Causes natural desire to eat clean food.

Clears the mind of a woman making her chaste and men, making it true.

Makes sense the joy of work.

The voice of conscience becomes clearly audible. Therefore, it is difficult to change or do anything stupid.

A person becomes a patient.

A person becomes a respected leader, as it reflects the main qualities of a leader — the protection and patronage: he wants to solve the problems of their subordinates.

Gives spiritual strength — the energy for spiritual development, not for degradation.

Strengthens will power. This desire to continue its development, despite all the difficulties and troubles as to carry the sleigh is always hard — to go uphill is always harder.

Truthfulness: ghee is the desire to tell the truth, so in man a tendency to perceive truth, because without understanding the Absolute Truth, it is impossible to be — really true.

Compliance: the use of ghee causes respecting the law and the desire to earn a living the honest way, not using cunning and deception.

Sincerity: ghee gives the ability to perceive knowledge as it is, without cunning and guile.

Recipe butter ghee to improve peseverance:

With reduced digestion sufficiently dissolve in your mouth one spoonful of ghee before eating and one teaspoon of ghee after meals. An even more pronounced effect occurs if You make a special digestive mixture of ghee with spices.

Usually well helps the individual recipe of this mixture. But if there is no possibility to use the services of an Ayurvedic doctor, try to use such a composition:

1 tsp ghee, 1H.l. fennel, and 0.25 tsp black pepper, and 0.25 tsp nutmeg, 0,25 tsp coriander, 0, 25 tsp. cinnamon and 0.25 tsp of cardamom.

All this need to mix and use before eating and after eating 0.5 tsp Need the mixture to hold in mouth until dissolved and swallow.

Other recipes with ghee:

Ghee can be effectively treated immunity disorders and physical weakness. For this purpose it should be taken in the morning with honey, dried fruits, spices (cinnamon, cardamom, saffron, licorice, fennel), walnuts, pine nuts or almonds. Also for this nutrient mixture you can add sour cream or fermented baked milk. Besides all the above in the morning, bigger is better not to eat anything. The result will appear after 5-6 days of treatment.

Good results are obtained by treatment with ghee migraines. For their treatment before going to sleep need to RUB ghee: whiskey, hands, feet, (for women area of the appendages). During wiping, use a very small amount of melted butter (not more than 0.5-1 teaspoon in the entire body. In fairness, it should be noted that the therapeutic effect will occur not earlier than in 10-15 days after the start of treatment.

As You know, ghee is the best for a heating means, in fact it of all the products is to maximize the owner of thin solar energy. So if in winter You are constantly cold, You get sick with the statutes, loin, constant colds, reduced digestion and mood, ghee, this is a simple and effective way to restore normal functioning of the body. To ensure enough before going to sleep every night to RUB the arms and legs a few heated ghee. Expenditure per chafing no more than 1 tsp.

Ghee not only helps in dealing with external coldness, but also in the suppression of internal cold. Internal cold Ayurveda calls poor digestion. According to Ayurveda reduced digestion indicates a lack of solar energy (Tejas energy) in the body.

Also people with all sorts of cuts of mental functions (memory, quick thinking, speed and power of concentration of attention) it will not hurt to increase the amount of ghee in the food.

A particularly good effect is in fact the case that mental disorders are accompanied by the following symptoms: mental weakness, passivity, depression, apathy, weak will.

Ghee removes all these symptoms and also enhances the activity and concentration of the mind. This is reflected in the fact that considerably improves mental health.

Try to make friends with ghee and you’ll see that in all respects it is a unique product!