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Ellipsoid, Elliptical trainer, the rules of training.
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A healthy body is not just the absence of disease


A healthy body is not only the absence of congenital defects and diseases. It is the combination of physical, social and psychological well-being.

The human body is a unified whole. If suddenly it starts to hurt some body begins to suffer the whole system of the organism as a whole. Most people believe that all diseases of the nerves. But it’s not. Plays a huge role in the human diet, occupation, lifestyle, time of work and rest.

Sometimes, starting to get sick, immediately run to the pharmacy for

medicines, but in ancient times people were treated folk remedies. Look around and you will see how many herbs you can gather summer. But if you maintain a healthy lifestyle, to ensure a healthy sleep, to cleanse the body, many diseases can be avoided. Not by chance in ancient times, said “sleep good sleep.” Time sleeping well, then the body is resting, gaining strength, does not suffer from the nervous system. And after bedtime, do not forget about physical exercises. It will give you courage and strength for the whole day.

The key to your longevity and health – proper nutrition and diet. Unlike all life on Earth, only man is able to alter the structure of the products, before eating it. We used to boil, braise, fry, and then to keep it all in the refrigerator for several days or even weeks. Such foods may cause great harm to the body. You must use freshly cooked food. Eliminate food such as chips, instant noodles, soups and purees, which are brewed with boiling water, mayonnaise, alcoholic beverages. Poor diet is one cause of most human diseases such as obesity, diseases of cardiovascular system and gastrointestinal tract.

Give up bad habits – do not drink alcohol, do not smoke and, of course, don’t do drugs. They adversely affect a healthy body and are addictive. A large number of cancer diseases appear because of them. The younger generation are killed because of drug use. Such parents are born many preterm infants with various congenital diseases.

And finally, we wish to list seven rules for preserving the health of the body:

1. Balanced and proper diet. Eat more vegetables and fruits. Hippocrates said, “Food should be your medicine and not medicine your food”. Forget the burgers, coke and chips.

2. Active lifestyle. Start the morning with charging, possibly go to the gym, fitness clubs, walk in the evenings.

3. Get rid of bad habits. If you have alcohol on holidays, Smoking and drugs give a complete ban.

4. Observe the correct mode of the day. Sleep is necessary for 8 hours. Wake up and go to bed every day at the same time.

5. Keep a positive mood. Whatever happens – do not be discouraged. Do not forget that the black stripe is always white. Try to do seven deep breaths, and you’ll feel better.

6. Love yourself! Whatever You do, do it with love for yourself and others.

7. Communicate more with friends. Remember, socializing with positive people will lift your spirits.

How long can people live, and what will be his health, depends mainly on him. We wish you good health and long life!

The author of the article: Faith Sidikhin