Breathing exercises Marina Korpan slimming
  Nowadays there are many ways how to adjust your figure. Some of them are more traditional, some, on the contrary, dangerous and not appropriate. Yes, in that not only…

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Breathing exercises Marina Korpan Bodyflex, Oxisols exercises, videos, reviews people
  The most cherished desire of every girl is a figure worthy of admiration. Today to be just not skinny enough. In price on the market of beauty" flat tummy,…

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Breathing exercises Marina Korpan slimming


Nowadays there are many ways how to adjust your figure. Some of them are more traditional, some, on the contrary, dangerous and not appropriate. Yes, in that not only are people in order to get what you want. Although sometimes, of course, that enthusiasm quickly wanes after heavy dieting and exercise. However, the known and more unfortunate cases where people are literally torture themselves constant load. That’s why the best are the ways that are not dangerous for the body and does not require critical cost it resources, allowing you not to torture yourself. Such is especially the

case, breathing exercises Marina Korpan for weight loss.

As you know, the first thing that makes a man, being born, is the breath. It was with him and the beginning of our life. And without the breath of people can not survive. From the way he breathes, depends, first of all, his health, life expectancy and health. Often people go really wrong, eat, breathe, sit and even stand. That is why they suffer from a variety of brain diseases. of the respiratory tract. The digestive tract. So gymnastics Marina Korpan for weight loss is not fiction or just a fashion trend. The exercises are known since ancient times. And they actually have an amazing effect on people, of course, this is assuming a regular and correct execution.

Breathing exercises Marina Korpan slimming – this is a great solution for those who want to become beautiful and healthy. She developed based on practices that are owned by Greer Childers and Jill Johnson.

Herself Marina Korpan – renowned expert on breathing exercises, which synthesized the ancient practice of yoga with modern developments. Thanks to this methodology, she turned from a fat woman in a slim girl with athletic and toned figure, dropping 25 lbs. Since then, she advises these exercises to others.

It is not surprising that breathing exercises Marina Korpan now so popular. It is easy and convenient. Using this method can greatly speed up the fat burning process, enriching the body with oxygen.

Gymnastics Marina Korpan followed by people of different ages and genders. Thanks to it they strengthen your body, improve immunity, improve their health overall and also reduce weight. It’s so important to learn to breathe properly. And breathing exercises lies the mechanism healthy respiration, in which oxygen is supplied in the most problematic areas of the body, promoting active lipolysis.

Two types of respiratory gymnastics Marina Korpan

Breathing exercises Marina Korpan slimming is divided into two main types: bodyflex and oxisols. Bodyflex is a set of exercises, based on a delay of breath. She has a number of contraindications: asthma. herniation, head injury, heart disease. cholelithiasis. glaucoma. pregnancy. high fever, unstable blood pressure, an overactive thyroid. That is why it can only be used after consultation with a specialist. Oxisols is more soft technique, it is more suitable for beginners. You cannot use it only pregnant women and people with respiratory diseases. In principle, both a great help to cope with being overweight. Consider them a little more.


The basis of Bodyflex are stretching exercises of the muscles in combination with the special technique of breathing, which would provide for a delay of 5-10 seconds at the peak of inhalation. Thanks to dilate arteries and oxygen is better absorbed by the body and accelerates metabolism and better fat cells are burned.

Those who opted for this technique, it should be remembered that Bodyflex can be enjoyed only in the mornings. This will allow to achieve maximum efficiency. While this should be done on an empty stomach. Before training it is recommended to drink only one glass of water.

It would also make a few to reconsider their menu, replacing high-calorie foods more diet. But in any case no need to starve or take heavy diet. This can only hinder the process of weight loss.


This breathing exercises by Marina Korpan for weight loss provides for the implementation of 30 exercises and more free breathing technique. So done a quick breath with a wide smile, pulling and lifting of the pelvic muscles and relaxing the abdominal muscles, then 3 short breaths, exhaling through to the end folded into a tube lips, and after 3 more short of breath. Thus it is necessary to monitor the position of the pelvis and the correct execution of the proposed exercises. Exisis you can perform throughout the day.

Marina Korpan. Bodyflex is a set of exercises:

Marina Korpan. Lesson one. How to lose weight at home?