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Jogging with dog


Of dog can make a perfect partner in running, but training dogs physically and their knowledge of the rules of traffic safety necessary for success.

Think how to make your dog’s partner in running? It is a popular trend that makes perfect sense. In addition, dogs love to run and they are excellent motivators exercise. In addition to this, running is an activity that brings dogs and their owners.

But in order to avoid injury and ensure a long-term partnership, dogs must

be prepared to exercise, just like people. There are also a lot of safety rules and etiquette on the road for the dogs, which dog owners need to know before you go outside.

Below are some important steps that you must follow before you start a running program with your dog. First, always contact your veterinarian to make sure that the dog is healthy and in good condition for running.

My exercise program is safe for dogs to start with walking.

Dogs and their owners who are beginners, it is better to start with walking for a few weeks. By doing so, owners can watch their dogs, to make sure they don’t limp and do not experience other problems. After several weeks of walking, you can increase the load until a convenient model runs will not be installed.

Always knead dogs — partners exercise

Like people, dogs need to warm up before exercise. This will help to go to the exercises and to prepare the muscles and easy for operation. The warm up can consist of 5 minute walk around the block. Stretching the legs of the dog should be protected before you begin implementing certain actions, like maneuverability, it is best to refrigerate them before the exercise.

Learn the basic rules for dogs before you start to run with them

Running with a dog can be dangerous if certain rules and etiquette are not followed. On the other hand, a dog that has learned the rules of the road before beginning a Jogging program, will become the best partner.

Basic rules and dog etiquette include:

keep your dog on a leash

practice next

clean up after the dog

don’t run if the weather is too hot or too cold

don’t run in the dark (or wear reflective clothing)

avoid other dogs

respect other walkers and runners

pay attention to road signs and traffic lights

avoid very hard surfaces that can damage paw pads

bring water to quench thirst

Leave enough time for cooling off after a run with the dog

For security purposes, the health of the dog, cool dog partner on the run is more important than kneading. So don’t forget to leave enough time for the cooling system, which may consist of several minutes of walking, followed by careful stretching of the dog’s feet. To stretch the front legs, you need to hold the dog’s elbow and gently lift each leg up and forward.

Gently stretch the back leg straight back.

Remember, running with a dog is an activity that can benefit dogs and their owners, but dogs must be ready physically and abide by the rules of the road to ensure their health and safety. The above-mentioned steps will help to make the dog successful, long-term partner in running, but also become him happy, thankful!