Make a program to lose weight on a treadmill
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How to choose a trainer for doma
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The Most stylish bike racks chooses


The Agency of landscape architecture, construction and design “Neskuchny garden” knows a lot about beauty! After all it professionals every day to create beauty with their hands – the beauty of parks, gardens, sites. They embody your ideas in a truly Paradise!

First, make a draft of your site, then offer you unique ideas, unique only to Your landscape and are suitable for the nature and style of the rest, in any style – it can be a classic style of Russian estate, either chic or fabulous style or minimalist style and high-tech.

Among the clients of “Neskuchny garden” such as “McDonalds”, “Coca Cola”, “RWD-service”, “Bashneft”, “Tinkoff”, “SAF-Neva”, “RBI”,”Cres Neva”, “ICB”, “Kappa SPb”, “power”,”Ford motors company”, “Wimbeldon”, “microcosm” hotel “October”, a network of business centers “Senator”, “System-installation”,”eye microsurgery”, Frunzenskaya, Primorsko, Moscow, Central Moscow and administration, Gazprom.

«Neskuchny garden” can offer any landscape elements – from the classic to the completely non-standard. And each element will decorate your site with the most unique way. For example, mood lighting is an integral part of modern design and architecture, lighting allows you to highlight specific features of Your building or land, lend a unique charm.

Fountains bring to the garden the noise, traffic and sparkling streams. They look great in both natural and ornamental ponds. Garden fountains are very diverse – large bowl, with water falling from one Cup to another, or simple troughs, producing a soft sound of water flowing in the trash. In addition to the many freestanding decorative fountains exist and fountains, designed in natural style, when the water is flowing directly from the gravel, milling stones or rocks.

«Neskuchny garden” carries out all complex of works on installation of decorative ponds . and the landscaping of the adjacent territory.

The ponds on site to create the impression of a coherent natural landscape. Water bodies can actually be represented by ponds, streams, waterfalls and decorative fountains.

Garden pond can become not just a highlight of the landscape design of your garden, living as if isolated life, it can be the heart of the whole garden composition, around which grow landscape elements, complementing it.

The company also provides complete care for your garden on publish property. and care for all areas of corporate clients all year round:

– maintenance lawns (mowing, fertilizing fertilizers, repair);

– creating flower arrangements of perennial and annual plants, care for them;

– ensuring optimal conditions for overwintering plants

– any expert advice.

Of course, “Neskuchny garden” think through every element on your site and chooses the best. With the same attention, the Agency came to the choice of Bicycle Parking facilities . and that is our Parking spaces were chosen for the project.