Street workout (Street Workout) – not just fitness and a healthy lifestyle!
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Nordic walking with sticks how to lose weight


People with diseases of the cardiovascular system, Jogging is contraindicated. The fitness club for many people in the country expensive. Aerobics for weight loss many contraindicated. So what sport should do to lose weight? For Europe, this issue has been solved long ago.

Nordic walking with sticks for several years successfully developing and has a lot of fans. For moms-to-perfect yoga for pregnant women .

Nordic walking with sticks

What sport Nordic walking is walking with special poles. The sticks are very similar to ski, selected for growth. Nordic walking is suitable for all without exception. To practice this sport you need to buy comfortable sneakers and sticks. It is also necessary to choose a location for Nordic walking Park or promenade, stadium or alley.

Where to buy

That is necessary to practice this sport? The purchase of shoes for Nordic walking, it is not difficult, but sticks can be found in the specialized Internet stores. There are telescopic walking sticks and other – focused long. The price is about three thousand rubles for Russians. There are, of course, both expensive and of higher quality. The choice is always yours.

Rules: Nordic walking with sticks

Before the start of classes be sure to warm up for the body by doing simple exercises with a stick.


• Exercise. Take sticks at the ends with both hands and lift up over his head. Now follow a few smooth movements over his head left, then right. The elbows do not bend.

• Squats. Take a stick in your hands and place behind him. Your arms should be straight. Do smoothly squats. Stretching exercises need to complete at least 13 or 15 times.

Now about the Nordic walking. She forces it all because it’s the easiest sport. Legs should be slightly bent at the knees. To step need not with the whole foot on the ground. In motion go forward simultaneously, the right arm and left leg, then go along the left arm and right leg. Nordic walking poles play an important role is the coordination of movements of hands and feet, to give yourself confidence and measured step.

How to lose weight with Nordic walking with sticks

Nordic walking is a great pleasure and promotes the burning of fat. One walk is equivalent to a single exercise session in the gym.

Pros in Nordic walking with sticks

It’s not exhausting sport. Also, where can I find a way how to lose weight without grueling workouts? You are only required to Nordic walking. This is the most effective way to lose weight. Fat burning occurs, if you correctly perform the walk.

Disadvantages and contraindications in Nordic walking with sticks

As there are contraindications to the Nordic walking none. This sport is suitable for people of all ages and in any condition. The main rule in Nordic walking not to overload the body. All of the rise in the increase of classes in Nordic walking, you should gradually increase. Listen to your condition. This applies to all sports, let it be Jogging, shaping, or yoga, aerobics or bodybuilding for weight loss.

Nordic walking is an alternative for all. Feel the joy, pleasure and positive emotions from this type of walk, because it will only have a positive impact on your health and will help burn fat in problem areas.