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The secrets of beauty “Miss Russia”


The official list of the first beauties of the country was supplemented by another name charming Russian women: winning at the contest “Miss Russia”-2014 in a fair fight was won by 23-year old Yulia alipova from Balakovo. In his first official interview, which gave Julia Woman she told how caring for the face and body.

Yulia Alipova


Yulia alipova: the thrill of victory was not as I had expected. It is difficult to understand. The third day, as I am in this new status, but so far for me I live an ordinary life and the life associated with the contest are two different and difficult to reconcile the realities. But the more I see news on the Internet and receive congratulations, you understand better what the girl who won the “Miss Russia” this year, and I have.

A.: It’s a very long story. I arrived in Moscow a few years ago to get an education and build a career engineer-energy. But with eighteen years I have received many compliments about their appearance and tips to try their hand at a beauty contest. To me, such events seemed to be something distant, something I did not associate themselves. Always thought that the reputation of such contests is poor. But last year I met a wonderful man — ex-“Miss Russia”-2011 Natasha Gantimurova. And in the process of communication with her all my doubts disappeared. Perhaps this acquaintance also helped internally to decide to participate in the contest.

Natasha convinced me that a woman who participates in this competition, you need to be not only beautiful, but certainly smart (Julia graduated from high school with honors, she has two higher education that she received at the Moscow energy Institute in the field of “power engineer” and “translate from English”

A.: It came over time. When I was in school, I felt like an ugly duckling. My growing up reminded me of a beautiful Swan, who in childhood was considered ugly and unworthy of admiration. But I worked on myself and become who I am.

Woman: what do you find the beauty?

A.: of Course, beauty is a combination of many factors. Physical beauty is certainly a gift of nature. But if the external appeal will be complemented by the beauty of the inner, spiritual light, and the external beauty will fade. Often meet beautiful people, but they reject something.

Who is the standard of beauty for you personally?

Y. A.: I think no need to search for yourself an idol, trying to be someone similar. You need to strive for the best, based on the data you have. Every person is beautiful in nature, especially if you lead a healthy lifestyle and monitor your skin and body.

You got to work on her physical beauty?

Yu: Of Course. When was the first casting, and I haven’t received a reply from the Directorate of the competition “Miss Russia”, then start the hard work: fitness & yoga became an integral part of my life — it helped to get in shape and participate in the final.

What is your diet now?

Y. A.: I had never been on a diet and even had no idea which foods are nutritious and which are not. Six months ago I had to understand and carefully consider your diet.

In the morning I eat porridge on the water, day, fish steamed or boiled chicken with fresh vegetables and for dinner, cottage cheese or fruit. Try to eat on schedule, to accelerate metabolism.

Makeover you make your own or now trust the professionals?

A.: In ordinary life, doing the make-up itself. I think I still need to work on technique, because not so often used. Except for arrows, nothing they can’t draw. But just yesterday I found out some wonderful news: I will have a master class with one of the leading makeup artists in Moscow, which I will show you how to properly apply makeup.

Who worked on your way to the finals?

A.: we worked With a first-class M. A. C. makeup artists Hair stylists worked MONE. Everything was thought out to the smallest detail.

How did you prepare to go on stage in the defile?

A.: the Main component of the preparation, of course, the fitness, which preceded it. But there is one secret: when the body gets used to regular physical activity, even one approach exercises instantly before going affects appearance.

What makeup you use in everyday life?

Yu: love the mascara Colossal Volume Express from Maybelline NY with tightening up brush. I will never change. Always draw the eyebrow pencil Couleurs Nature of the brand Yves Rocher sand color, and use lip gloss BeYu and Mineralize Glass, M. A. C. Foundation choose in M. A. C. — pleasant texture Prep+Prime CC Colour Correct.

Without money you are not going out?

A.: Perhaps, a staple is a gloss or lip balm. Excellent, for example, Nivea.

How do you care for the skin?

Y. A.: Follow simple rule — always take off makeup before bed, wash my face and moisturize the skin. During sleep, the skin needs to rest and eat. While my skin does not need extra care, so I clean her delicate mousse Fleur de Vigne brand Caudali with natural ingredients and then moisturize with a light cream for young skin HydraQuench Rich Cream, Clarins.

What tools to use for the body?

Y. A.: frankly, body skin I have very dry, especially after showering. Save it with oil. Had tried different moisturizers, but realized that I had their effect is not enough. The only thing these tools have one caveat — you can’t just dress up and go, you need to wait for product to absorb. My favorite is the oil Natura Siberica.

What care is required for your hair?

A.: first of all I help mask. A must nourish hair. When you have every day to do packing, it is especially important: the curls are suffering from irons and hair dryers. My choice — shampoos Kerastase and Moroccanoil oil.

What flavors do you prefer?

Yu: This is my sore subject! I have so many perfumes that every morning I choose something to suit your mood. For example, today I was approached by Hermes eau de toilette.

would You like to change something about your appearance? Ready for a new beauty experiences?

Y. A.: I Have already had quite a lot of experimentation with the appearance. I managed to visit and redhead and blonde and brunette. After that I had regained its natural color and hair color now is as close to natural, I’m happy.

feel about plastic surgery?

A.: Today, these procedures are very affordable and are really popular. However, it pains me to see girls who spoil their natural beauty.

Fortunately, I began to notice that the abuse of plasticity is increasingly rare. The streets are less girls with pumped lips, for example. At the competition all participants were young and fresh from nature.

You also met with the contestants? Something they learned?

A.: it is Difficult to say. As a rule, every day our attention was drawn to teachers. We were taught the basics catwalk, behavior on stage. The only thing we gave each other is support. We were all equally difficult.

What was the most impressive during training?

A.: One of the most exciting events was a meeting with Tatiana Polyakova. She taught us the basics of etiquette. It is a necessary skill for a young lady.

have You ever thought about a modeling career, because you have the necessary data?

Y. A.: Now I’m 23 years old, I’ve managed to make a career (last year as part of his graduation project participated in the development of the sound attenuator to one of the existing stations of OAO Mosenergo — approx.  and to build the Foundation for development in the future. I understand that in order to succeed in the modeling business, you had to start at 13-14 years. Now I got a new top and took the win in the contest “Miss Russia”. I will continue to develop in other directions.