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Breathing exercises Marina Korpan Bodyflex, Oxisols exercises, videos, reviews people


The most cherished desire of every girl is a figure worthy of admiration. Today to be just not skinny enough. In price on the market of beauty” flat tummy, uploaded back muscles, athletic legs, firm buttocks, the presence of the biceps, triceps and other components beautiful body according to the modern canons of beauty. Elastic muscle tone is always more beautiful than the weak muscle mass.

It was in the price of many centuries ago and will be many more centuries after us. And that’s fine. Body should be an important part of human life. No one talks about excessive prominence, it is not always appropriate, but certain moments in the formation of the body is, of course, be taken into account.

The basics

One of the most effective methods of modeling your body is breathing exercises. It allows you to not only regain the ease to pump up the muscles of the body but also to lose weight. A vivid example of this technique is breathing exercises for weight loss from a well-known expert on fitness Marina Korpan.

A little about Marina Korpan

Marina Korpan — popular fitness instructor and is the only certified specialist in correction with the use of various breathing techniques in Russia, the founder of which it is.

Marina offers women a weight loss technique, which is tested on itself . and she knows that while respecting simple rules, it works.

Marina Korpan not only received a diploma from the Russian State University of Physical Culture, Sport, Youth and Tourism, but also actively participates in scientific conferences; makes presentations on the topic of the formation of the body in his arms; he writes books, is broadcast, thus helping most women to decide to start your weight loss journey.

She positions your weight loss program, as a step that one will make once and for all.

In her view, natural program weight loss is not only ineffective, but also harmful to the body.

With the help of breathing techniques Marina women will always be beautiful, as in today, tomorrow, permanently!

Breathing exercises Bodyflex

Author breathing exercises Bodyflex is a proven and certified method, allowing to transform the body, without damage to health. This is not the us copy and the original method Marina Korpan, which will allow thousands of women trying to lose weight to achieve their results.

Many disappointed in diets and workouts women put an end to the attempts of samofinansirovaniya. And all because no results from their efforts, and if there is, then they quickly disappear, leaving no trace on the results.

Marina offers a radically new method of losing weight, in which there is a painful exercise, psychological stress, disappointment when the numbers on the scales and so on. This technique only requires proper breathing from the man. In return she gives not only weight reduction but also reduction of lung diseases, and heart disease risk of acute respiratory and viral diseases: respiratory gymnastics Bodyflex has a secret…

What secret lies at the basis of Bodyflex?

…And it consists in the proper breathing combined with stretching of the muscles. But aren’t we breathe incorrectly?

In this issue men surpassed women. They breathe correctly: belly, while women often breathe chest. Diaphragmatic breathing combined with power loads gives exactly the effect to which all aspire: slimming, and in the shortest possible time.

The meaning of exercise is that people have to teach your body to properly absorb oxygen . entering the body. This occurs when holding the breath for 8-10 seconds. With the enlargement of the arteries of the body due to the accumulation of carbon dioxide more oxygen faster enriches every cell of the body. Breathe with the stomach through the nose:

breath — the abdomen takes on a concave shape;

a quiet exhale through the mouth, the maximum pushing out all the air from his lungs.

Breath smoothly performed physical exercises.

For example, exercises for stomach . The main problem area is corrected as follows:

exhalation (abdomen like sticks to the spine), delayed breathing (8-10seconds);

breath (abdomen most blown out, as if bulging forward);

exhale through the mouth with the pronunciation of the word “PHA” (thus the head is raised up, his mouth wide open);

tilt your head to drop down, belly to tighten;

repeat all over again.

Exercise for upper stomach:

lie on the floor, on his back;

breathing exercise (described above);

on the exhale, pull the stomach under the ribs (expiration);

off the floor head, shoulders, shoulder blades, stay on the lower back (to stay on for 10 seconds);

arms stretched along the body;

stretch forward;

a little “popoint” the body;

get down on the floor (inhale);


You can devote 15 minutes a day to these sessions, and they will give their results. Only the main condition is not to miss a workout. This is a great method of self-organization and incentives. It is also exciting.

Very nice to see how changing its own shape in the modeling of a new generation. Another very important point is the proper meal…

If the classes are held in the morning, then eating can be no earlier than one hour after exercise.

If its “Golden” minutes you want to spend during the day, I go to take no earlier than two hours before practice and an hour after school. It would be good to teach yourself not to eat. This will allow the body to “understand” that he was not hungry.

Contraindications for this technique: increased body temperature, intracranial pressure, bleeding problems, glaucoma, pregnancy.

Bodyflex is a set of exercises on video!

Breathing exercises Exisis

Good health is not a luxury but a necessity. The recovery of the body after surgeries, illness or births to women using breathing exercises Exisis will be completely painless without debilitating stress, Jogging and diets. Such breathing exercises can do even pregnant women, and all those who are important to the state of his body. This technique will allow to enrich the body with oxygen, namely it will allow in the shortest possible time to reduce the weight, improve the condition of the body, and as a consequence acquire the beauty of the main respiratory organ of a person — of the skin. Because the skin condition is a telling indicator of the health of the whole organism.

The meaning of this technique is like Bodyflex, however, here to hold your breath don’t need . and exercise more flexible, giving the ability to quickly reduce weight.

Moreover, the breathing exercises Exisis does not require an early morning practice and strict adherence to the meal.

You can practice during the day, but the stomach was not full. The same requirement in both methods, it is consistency. To achieve results only by doing exercise daily. Even 20-15 minutes of exercise will help to quickly notice the changes of body shapes.

The technique is relatively young. She’s not as rampant as Bodyflex. However, its adherents are found quickly, because the result is simply superb:

Those who are tired of running, diet and loads with no result, you should try the exercises.

With its help, fat can be broken down by oxygen.

Don’t need endless starvation.

Exisis recommends only giving up on fatty, sugary and fried.

His main line is the fractionality of food: 4 times a day. Food should be rich in fiber and vitamins. The metabolism in the body is stabilized and there is a decrease in weight.

The most interesting thing about this technique that people can choose the parts of the body that needs to be corrected.

A flat tummy can be obtained with diaphragmatic breathing with the tension of the abdominal muscles. Just two weeks of training in complex with correction power exercises will help get rid of extra inches on the body.

The only “negative” factor that occurs during exercise Oxisols is increased activity, which can not be achieved, even taking vitamin complexes.

The most important thing in this technique is how to breathe correctly! The breath must be held by the nose by the scheme: breath – maximally retracted abdomen – tense buttocks — additional 3 breaths (for maximum filling of the lungs) – exhale through the mouth (buttocks leave in suspense) – 3 sharp exhalation (buttocks still in suspense). It is important when you inhale to smile. Need to open to the world, yourself, others. During exhalation should follow in her head, she should not be lowered.

Before starting the exercises is to learn to breathe correctly. It will have to be trained. The breath should be brought up to run automatically, the effort, everything will turn out quickly, and the brain will not “think” over breathing.

The room in which the exercises should be well ventilated, because the lungs and the blood filled the oxygen inhaled during exercise.

When respiration is established, you can begin to exercise.

Exercise for stomach:

feet on width of shoulders, buttocks pulled in, knees bent;

hands lift the abdomen;

maximum retract the abdomen;



Exercise with a chair:

take a sturdy chair with a back;

lean on the back of a chair;

right leg move to the side, then the back;

bend your left leg;

foot right foot follow the rotational motion;

pull buttocks and swing the pelvis;

the head is raised up, hold back straight.

Starting position, repeat.