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How to choose the perfect trainer


Tired of running in the morning. I want to run is not on rainy mornings, while comfortable trainer at home. To swallow all sorts of wonder drug I was tired earlier. (At best they cause uncontrollable diarrhea after every meal. And gaining the weight back over the week, and twice was before taking miracle medicine).

Hang in shaping the club after work – a sophisticated masochism and a

waste of money. I also tried. To achieve at least some result, need shaping to do one hour a day or at least four times a week for two hours. Alas, my schedule and budget of all it does not fit. And indeed terribly lazy.

As you know, regular Jogging is the surest way to get rid of excess weight. That’s why I came to this sport. Run started recently. And a half months have already convinced: no other means by efficiency here and nearby did not roll. Experts believe that running is the most natural of loads, it gives virtually no complications. Effectively burning fat, Jogging simultaneously tighten all the groups of muscles and train the cardiovascular system, which all the rest of my time is usually “idle”, causing varicose veins and insufficient nourishment.

In short, if to run. But not under the effects of our harsh climate and is right at home on a treadmill. Once to buy a decent simulator and never – NEVER! – waking up an hour earlier due to wet, warm,fall into a puddle and listen to the comments of passers-by.

I approached the matter seriously and before purchasing studied all possible information about treadmills. Had couple of sports shops, flipped through brochures and scoured the pages of bodybuilding and fitness machines in the Internet.

It turned out that the tracks there is a great variety. The cheapest mechanical. They are driven by their feet as you run on them, you go from shock. Cost from $ 300, are of no interest, since running on them is frankly embarrassing. At least I thought so. Especially compared to electric tracks.

Electric “ride” on their own, and their speed can be adjusted with buttons. They are also more expensive, from $ 1,000. But, again, they are worth it: to feel the difference, you just have to try to run on one and other. In the electrical paths and the computer gives more information, and even the terrain of the upcoming “cross” can be programmed, and other minor and major amenities.

Even among electric tracks come across those who are able to change the angle of inclination by means of an electric switch, not mechanical. In other words, increasing the load, the track with electric controller smoothly and quietly lifted. When you practice on the “mechanics” track must first be stopped(!), to change the angle and only after that to continue training, which, of course, very uncomfortable.

And finally, the “cool” variety of treadmills – exercise equipment with iFIT.cim”. They can connect to the Internet though, where the charismatic coach will assess your performance in the online cheer and will lead the training. Or you can connect to the TV and using special tapes to run on all sorts of pleasant places a specially selected music and birdsong.

There are plenty to choose from. I’ve noticed different paths. Decided to buy directly through the Internet: the technique here is usually cheaper because the shops do not have to pay the rent. And in one of them I found quite a nice novelty: track Proform of 12.5 QM. I was involved in shaping the club at such and immediately recognized her in the picture. However, I “communicated” with the previous model. And the one I remember:  it was a dream!

When to do absolutely do not want, this thing is designed to motivate you to exercise. Such electronic entertainer that any quitter will make with the enthusiasm to run all day though. I, deserved the idler,  really warms the soul.

Well, and then, as I already knew from specialized journals and consultee with sellers, this Proform of 12.5 QM – type squeak and everything, her friends are not ashamed to show it. Some superfluidity surface, which reduces the load on the spine and joints. With my propensity to all kinds of joint problems – a very useful quality. And yet – a rare case – this huge machine can be folded in half and put in a corner, if not get one. And what first caught my steal with their eyes – set simulator go chest strap and CD-ROM with special music to practice. A trifle, but nice.

However, this unit is worth as much as 1799$. Surely somewhere there is the same thing, but for a couple hundred cheaper. Presumptuous sellers often make a mark half the cost of the simulator. So I spent the whole marketing research, figuring out the simulator, optimal on a ratio the price/quality. At the same time found some good trainers famous company Kettler. I began to understand in detail and found out that not having any “Afikoman” nor the capacity to develop greater speed, this track is worth as much as 2089.05$. In the next store the same story. Weird. Or the greedy shops, or the track is really expensive. Found the previous model of the desired track with the “Afikoman”. called “Proform 615”. For some reason she’s standing there for a hundred dollars more expensive than the new model: as much as 1899.05$. Or that the track is relatively unknown company “Horizon” is almost the same as “Pro forma” from the Icon, but has virtually none of its virtues. Can boast of is that the “trim a tree”. Same story with a different brand of the same company at another store. there’s this suspicious device is worth as much as 53 590 rubles.

After two days of such wanderings on the Internet I decided it was time to go back to where I started this trip. Usually that is the first, is the best choice. Free shipping, on the phone promised a one year warranty.

Make the order. Oddly enough, brought the next day. Gave a guarantee for a year of service. Since then, will not run. Friend recently started up a rumor that at some amazing beauty I pumped out all the fat and put all the skin – the skin from regular running at home for some reason got better. Enthusiasm for your own shapes will keep to myself: but that would be immodest. And not to jinx it.