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Make a program to lose weight on a treadmill


To lose weight dream of almost every girl. There are many methods to reduce weight, but any weight loss methods is based on the restriction in the diet and increasing physical activity.

Treadmill weight loss is a brilliant way of reducing weight. Spent when running calories will free your hips and waist from the extra volume. In addition, physical activity will strengthen the whole body.

Judging by the reviews, treadmill for weight loss many people believe quite

effective. However, the people surveyed say that before you buy home cardio, it is advisable to work out in the gym to understand how to use it. In this article we will tell you how to choose a treadmill, how to make a program to lose weight, give General recommendations on how to do cardio, how to lose weight on a treadmill.

Choose a treadmill

Many of the reviews on treadmill for weight loss says you need to choose a trainer that future classes are as effective as possible.

Now on sale are electric and motorized treadmill. If to speak about weight reduction, it is best to choose an electric treadmill – the treadmill exerciser of this type do not operate with the help of legs, which means that they will not have the extra load. You should pay attention to the cardio machines with several different modes – resistance running belt at an incline and others. During training you will be able to change the load that will promote more efficient fat burning.

Weight loss program on a treadmill

Quickly get rid of the hated kilograms will help you a special weight loss program on a treadmill. It is necessary to consider some very important points:

for the successful launch of metabolism to do cardio is best in the morning;

an hour before each workout be sure to eat. It is desirable that it was carbohydrate foods (bread or cereal);

after practice on the track you can eat only one to two hours;

while running, it is necessary to drink water is then excreted from the body fluid to be filled;

to lose weight quickly on the simulator, it is necessary to eat right. You can follow a diet, but it will be enough to remove harmful diet products. If the power is wrong, you don’t have to wait for the effect of such training.

Treadmill weight-loss will certainly be effective if you do about four or five times a week. Daily practicing is undesirable, as the muscles will not have time to recover.

Duration of one training – at least half an hour, beginners can practice and less, gradually increasing the time. It is desirable to do so – a couple of days to run for half an hour, a couple of days for 45 minutes and at least a day for one hour.

How to run on a treadmill?

Treadmill – the simulator is very useful, however if im wrong to use it, you can not get the expected result. It is therefore very important to choose the most optimal training regimen, to monitor the pulse, because fat cells are burned only at a certain heart rate.

For weight loss cardio need to observe the following rules:

always start your workout by warming up for about 15 minutes just walk on the track, beginners can choose a sufficiently slow pace;

gradually increase the load and proceed directly to the run. Keep your back straight, stomach lightly suck the, chest and shoulders straighten, the arms bend at the elbows – when running they need to move back and forth the way you do in normal running;

for about ten minutes before the end of the lessons lessen the pace gradually go away – this will help to avoid muscle pain.

How to lose weight on a treadmill?

On the treadmill, you cannot lose weight in one week. The rate of weight loss depends on the number of extra pounds, the speed of metabolic reactions, from nutrition and physical activity of man.

With regular workouts the first results will appear not earlier than in a month. I must say that one hour of running can burn about 650 calories, which is quite good compared to the other cardio machines.

Using a treadmill you not only lose weight, but also significantly improve overall health, normalize blood pressure, improve sleep, strengthen bones. If you have purchased such a wonderful trainer, exercise regularly and do not throw training, then pretty soon you’ll see the result of such practice.