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To quit Smoking and not gain weight – foods that help to quit Smoking without gaining weight

How to quit Smoking and not gain weight?

I have long wanted to post information about how to quit Smoking without gaining weight, especially because one of my girls School nutrition faced with this situation: he wants to quit, but is beginning to recover, although in the diet, nothing seems to be changing.

And then there’s the problem: smokes all its environment. There would be force of will find to overcome the addiction, find – found, waved his hand to the environment, and then went the extra pounds…a Nightmare! Sounds


By the way, this is my emaciated with School meals Natasha :

⇐ Before and After ⇒

But, let’s continue. How to quit Smoking and it is desired to recover? For some reason, many gaining weight after they throw away that last cigarette, give a pack of cigarettes along with a lighter smoker friend? That’s what I did when going to quit, and just now thought that it would be better if I threw them away, but I guess for me, then it was a necessary ritual, showing the seriousness of my intentions. By the way, by the way, I didn’t gain when I quit Smoking, for me it was a problem to gain weight, so even cigarettes did not help me to achieve it, then my dreams.

Those who are recovering, the weight increases by 2-5-10 pounds, and the weight gain that usually comes in the first time (up to 2 months maximum) after a person quits Smoking.

Under the influence of nicotine the body starts to produce glycogen, and this substance increases in the blood sugar level. That is why smokers the feeling of hunger blunted. On the other hand, it is believed that nicotine accelerates metabolism, and, therefore, helps to keep excess weight. It is clear that when you give up Smoking changes everything: the composition of the blood, and hormones.

The body is incapable to obtain nicotine poisons (more than 4000), cleaned, taste buds regenerate, begin to feel better smells, many breaks appetite, the food seems more delicious, in addition, it is absorbed better. Of course, it appears that the person starts to eat more. It is therefore important to prepare properly before you quit Smoking.

How to prepare the body before you quit Smoking to get better?

Before you set a date when you extinguish your last cigarette, analyze your diet. Pre-select a diet. The usual recommendations: do not eat flour, excessively fatty, fried, nuts, sweets, sandwiches, oil, canned food and don’t drink soda pop. This will help the body to get used to a particular diet, and it will begin to break free from harmful substances, toxins, and, by the way, excess fats too. Don’t replace cigarettes with candy, lollies or chocolate. If you want sweets, replace them with marmalade, marshmallows no fillers, pastillas. And it is better to drink plain water. This will not only help reduce the craving to smoke, but to bring the poisons that the body amassed during all the years of Smoking. 8-9 glasses of plain water a day is the main component of health. The first time many people confuse the desire to smoke a cigarette with hunger (remember how confuse thirst with hunger ?) From here there is a desire to seize the nicotine craving of food. Not to gain extra weight, stopping Smoking, eat more fiber, that is, fruits and vegetables (except persimmon, grapes and bananas). Eat cabbage, peppers and other vegetables, various greens, dried fruit, do surround portions of salad and be sure to eat protein meals.

Protein food gives a feeling of fullness and helps in the process of losing weight is to regulate your weight. In addition, given the fact that all of our cells are composed of protein, eating foods rich in protein will help to restore health.

Eat fractionally, five or six times a day. Most nutritionists are unanimous: frequent meals in small portions is the most successful way to maintain a healthy weight, regardless, do you smoke or have never held a cigarette in his mouth. Frequent meals helps in maintaining normal blood sugar levels, which in turn helps to control the feeling of hunger.

A balanced diet and physical activity after 6 months weight will return to normal. If you are a woman, don’t try to quit Smoking during menstruation. These days and so is weight gain due to the fact that in cells delayed fluid, except when you give up Smoking, it can also increase its delay, and accordingly, the weight will increase.

Also, the time of menstruation — this time of stress on the body, in this period the craving for sweets many increases and the nicotine gives the brain a sense of fun. All prohibitions on sweets and Smoking in this period will be very difficult to move.

Do not visit those places where the smoke will agree with your friends that they did not smoke in front of you. Friends you never cease to appreciate and respect if you don’t go out for a smoke with them. But it is better to agitate them together with you to quit Smoking. Don’t mess around, find an interesting occupation, so there was no need “to have fun” cigarette.

Products to help quit Smoking

If at some point, your motivation to quit Smoking is reduced, add products that will help you with this:

Milk . If you drink 250 ml of milk before drags on a cigarette, the taste of the cigarette will be very unpleasant.

After reading this recommendation, some smokers will rush to check it out. But after you give another tip: water in milk cigarettes, let them dry, and then try to smoke this “milk” is a cigarette, it will taste so sickening that you won’t want to smoke, and the memory is about such a cigarette will remain. So Welcome to the Club of Non-smokers!

Vitamin C and foods rich sources: currants, lemon and orange juices, etc. Every cigarette you smoke causes the loss of vitamin C, and at the site of the destroyed vitamin nicotine is embedded.

The red wine . now, just a glass a day helps to reduce the possibility of lung cancer. Here help such substances contained in red wine, flavonoids and resveratrol.

Celery will not only not gain weight, it is well spoil the taste from the smoked cigarette. By the way, such vegetables as asparagus, cucumbers, and beans also have similar properties.

Tomatoes, green peppers, eggplants contain nicotine in small amounts, so to quit Smoking these products will help to quench your nicotine hunger.

Broccoli at the expense of the substance contained in sulforaphane helps to protect the cells of the lungs from damage by toxins and protects the body from chronic lung diseases inherent in the smokers.

With regard to physical activity for those who wish to quit Smoking, they should be feasible. Breath and blood vessels all the time Smoking undermined because excessive load will be too heavy.

If you don’t want to gain extra pounds after decided to quit Smoking, start to gradually put weight on the body: first let it be Hiking, swimming, fitness classes. The body will gradually recover, shortness of breath will disappear, then you can increase the tempo. If you smoked and played sports, then keep doing the same thing (to play sports) and gradually increase the speed.

Many people are worried about how they quit Smoking and not gain weight, and therefore justify continuing to smoke, don’t want to gain extra pounds. They don’t realize that the harm of cigarette can be mapped 40-50 pounds overweight, but not 2-5.

Quit Smoking right, and let any excess weight will not be an obstacle for you, especially because now you know how to prepare your body for Smoking cessation, not to gain extra pounds and feel just great!

And the “snack” I offer you video about what tobacco actually. In it you will find a unique way of quitting Smoking:

Be healthy!

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